Friday, April 1, 2011

Floss Has Arrived!!

But alas, no fabric. :( Darn post office. I'm itching to get started!

It ended up being a rather nice day today. The wind was up a bit which gave a bit of chill, but the sun was out and it actually almost felt spring like!! I like driving on days like today, so I didn't mind at all going into "the big city" to see mom and pop in for a visit at the LNS. Of course I forgot to bring my travel project (Turkish Delight) with me, so we just sat around and chatted.

I was sooooooooo wishing I had some spending money today. I really NEED a few new designs - Quaker Compass and Past and Present by Rosewood Manor and Garden Fair by Courtney Collection are absolutely fantastic and I WILL be getting them at the first opportunity. NEED might be a bit strong a word, given I can't even comprehend stitching what I have, but someday I'll get to them!!!!

BUT, I did have a wonderful visit, and I finally got to meet Jane!!! We kept missing each other. I got to see her version of Hearts Entwined and I love it!! When I stitched my own, I was torn between the dusty rose version I used or doing a deep red version, and I got to see what it would look like with the red. It's beautiful.

I was feeling industrious when I got home, so I set to work on doing an additional arrangement of Antique Lace which I will include with the chart. When I was designing this piece, I knew the centrepiece would be a love it or hate it, so I had always intended to include a separate layout which did not include the centre. So I've been playing. I'll show it off when I finish it of course. :)

I'm lazy, so no pictures today, but I'm working on Sabrina. The good news, all the stitching is done! Now I'm adding all the beads. It's going fairly quickly so I might finish up before fabric arrives for AL.

And now, off to bead some more. :)


  1. Can't wait to see Sabrina! I am seriously considering getting Mirabilia's Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to stitch, only I have a TON of patterns kitted up already! Decisions, decisions! LOL!


  2. Those are two I want as well but don't have - yet!! I have the Petal Fairy and Bliss Fairy, and the whole Fairy Couture Collection to get through first! They are soooo tempting though.