Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Hunt for Red Linen

So I got my fabric for Antique Lace yesterday. It's fantastically gorgeous, but it's not red. It's magenta. Think DMC 915. My heart sank. So much for pictures on the internet.

So today I started looking for other alternatives. WDW in Garnet - I had someone check it for me and it's more pink than red. No go. Plus, I don't want to take the chance with another hand-dyed. It's going to take me months to stitch this thing, so if I don't get the perfect fabric in the next week or two, I'll miss my deadline.

So on to standard colours. Zweigart. Ruby Wine. Pretty much perfection. I can find Cashel, but it won't fit on a half yard of that. I can find Aida. I can find Lugana in both 28 AND 32 ct but I don't want Lugana for an antique looking piece, I want LINEN! NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY has the 36ct, not even the distributors. It's backordered. Fine. On to Belfast. It'll fit a fat half, check. It'll fit the beads better, check. Thread coverage is good on 32ct, check. Do you think I can find a piece? I can find fat eigths. I can find fat quarters. I can't find a fat half. I've emailed so many shops today. Everyone of course offers to order it in, but I'm really wanting to find someone with it IN STOCK so they can ship it right away. Otherwise I'll be another month waiting to get it and I just can't forsee being able to finish it in time. I still have a couple more places I'm waiting to hear back from and a few more I have to email before I officially give up.

My luck sucks.


  1. I know you said you were shying away from hand-dyed but the Weeks Aztec Red pieces I've seen have all been lovely, dark reds. If you're interested in it I've seen it at Needle In a Haystack in Alameda and The Elegant Stitch in Modesto.

  2. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I actually have some of the Aztec here, it's a bit lighter and more pink than I was looking for. BUT, you gave me the idea of emailing Elegant Stitch which was one I hadn't tried yet - and Lois had the Ruby Wine I was looking for!