INK designs


Price: $12.00 US
Design Size: 247w x 318h
Materials Used: For mine I'm using Silk Mill silks and Sassy's Heavenly Skies 40ct linen, however a DMC conversion (decent but not perfect) is included.

I used Silk Mill for this project because I could get the closest colour matches with it. The DMC conversion is the closest I could get, and a few colours will be duplicated, but it will still look lovely! The design uses a total of 25 colours.

Here you can see a work in progress picture (though I've stitched a fair bit more now) and the actually ink that my son tattooed on me!

Red Riding Hood's Revenge

Price: $15.00 US
Design Size: 342w x 479h
Materials Used: My dear friend Rianne will be stitching this one as soon as her materials arrive. She is using the charted Silk Mill Silks, and will be stitching on Picture this Plus Phoenix in 40ct Linen. There is of course a DMC conversion included.

The conversion for this on in DMC is VERY close to the silk colours, though the reds aren't quite as bright, the greys are spot on. The design uses a total of 15 colours. She's a bit morbid, but to me she just screams GIRL POWER. :)

Dead Dave

Price: $12.00 US
Design Size: 237w x 339h
Materials Used: Rianne is also stitching this one for me. He's being stitched on Picture this Plus Phoenix as well, using Silk Mill Silks. DMC conversion included.

The conversion for this one is very close, the only difference is the sheen and coverage you will get with the silks. I know, silly name, right? Well my hubby and son named this one, apparently he just looks like a Dave. He got renamed "Dead Dave" upon suggestion from RIanne. The chart itself has the outer shading removed, since the charcoal blending will only work if you use white fabric - this way he can be stitched on ANY colour of fabric. 

These and other Northern Expressions Needlework designs can be purchased through me, by sending me an email to

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