Conversions Page

Here are some various conversions for my designs to other fibers!! I get asked for these every now and again and thought it would be a great idea to post them all in one place. :) Please note: exact conversions are rarely possible, since each dyer has their own unique styles and colours. What I tend to do rather than trying to get an exact colour to colour match is look at the overall picture - what will give a similar effect to the original while still  looking really nice together as a whole. So if my conversions don't match a list on the internet or what someone else may tell you - that's why - because the colour might be closer to the original, but it doesn't play well with the others. ;)

I'll add to this page whenever I do a new conversion for someone! If there's something you're looking for that you don't see here, email me and ask, I'm always happy to help.

Celtic Garden Conversions

HDF to Gloriana/NPI

Luteousness - Gloriana Granny Smith Green is a good match. It's a bit lighter though. If you wanted to go darker, you could go with Olive Grove - it's a little bit brown, but it's got a good feel for the style.
Bitterblooms - NPI Brick Range is really good for these. You'll need 4 colours from light to dark - I'd probably go with 123, 124, 126, 128
Cervezas - I like NPI's Sunflower Gold range for these. 772, 773, 774 and 775.
Fish Peppers - Definitely NPI's Russet Red Range. For the central flower, you'll need six colours, I would use 204 through 209 for these. For the outer flowers, I'd use 204, 205, 207 and 209.
Terra Pottas - I'm going to suggest NPI's Pumpkin Range, in 862, 863, 865 and 866. There really isn't anything exact, and these are bit less brownish, but these will look great with the other colours.
Umbrage - Yellow Ochre 313 has a good feel for this one.

Celtic Leaves Conversions
Gloriana/Belle Soie to HDF

Gloriana Topiary - fairly close to HDF Examplar Tuscan Rose, though the HDF is more pink where the Gloriana is more reddish and darker overall. I hear though, that Vikki has a conversion added for this one now.
Gloriana Apricot Grove - Closest to Examplar Lily Tutters (though it's missing the green). I'm sticking with this though as it looks really good with the rest of the colours in the conversion.
Gloriana Red Clay - Because it just looks so spectacular with the Lily Tutters, I'm suggesting Examplar Fire Thorn. It's pretty close to the original too.

The rest are a bit easier as they're not as heavily variegated!

Gloriana Schoolhouse Red: Very close to Gandy Dancers 1113, which looks great, but I'm going to suggest BeRedded - these Be's look smashing for this design.
Gloriana Elizabethan Green - Closest to Examplar Fried Pickles, but I'm suggesting BeFrogged.
Belle Soie Lasagne - Closest to Examplar Fool's Gold, but a bit more red, I'm suggesting BeWitched.
Belle Soie Buttercup - Closest to GoldRush 4227/4229, but I'm going to suggest BeGuilted. Examplar Sea Silk would be another option, though it's a fair bit lighter.
And finally, Belle Soie Harvest - in this case, the colour I'm suggesting IS the closest match, BeFuddled.

Hearts Entwined Conversions

Gloriana/NPI to HDF

NPI 712 - I'd go with Winterberry 1425 here. It's a bit pinker than the original but it's not too far off.
NPI 663 - I like Jewelweed 3167 for this. It's fairly close and looks lovely with the Winterberry.
Gloriana Vanilla Floss - Examplar White Chocolate, definitely.

Forget Me Not Conversions

Gloriana to HDF
Gloriana Summer Sky - HDF Yonder Sky. The Yonder Sky leans toward purple a bit more, but it's fairly close.
Gloriana Leaf Green - No HDF variegated match. It's somewhere in between the Vetch Greens and Popinjays, so pick a favourite shade of one of those. I'd probably go with a medium Vetch Green.
Gloriana Narcissus - HDF Examplar Sea Silk. It's a pretty good match, but it's a fair bit lighter than the original colour.

Daffodil Conversions

Gloriana to HDF

Gloriana Summer Foliage - Nothing variegated really matches this. It's close to the darker Vetch Greens.
Gloriana Narcissus - HDF Examplar Sea Silk. It's a pretty good match, but it's a fair bit lighter than the original colour.

My Mother's Garden II

Carrie's Creations to DMC - This match is fairly close to my dye lot.

Citrus - 740/970
Corazon - 321/304
Cornflower - 798/797
Lemon Zip - 973/444
Mystic Moss - 989/988
Purple - 550/552
Sassy - 601/602
Soot - 310/3799
Valley Green - 986/987
Verde - 987/988
Wild Orchid - 915 - a little pinker than the original, but would work

To get a shaded effect you could choose both the light and dark and tweed them!

Carrie's Creations to HDF - pretty close to my dye lots.

Citrus -Examplar Fool's Gold would work here.
Corazon - For a variegated, Gandy Tango would work, but it's a lot more orange. Perfect Red 6211 through 6215 cover the range of this one and are closer to the original
Cornflower - Yonder Sky isn't a terrible match but it's lighter. Zaffre Cobalt would do nicely.
Lemon Zip - Nothing variegated is bright enough. For solid, Lemon Drops 4207 is somewhat close.
Mystic Moss - Nothing variegated matches. Vetch Green 3233 or 3235 would work, but are a bit dull. Brighter would be Popinjay 3301/03.
Purple - Everything is either to blue or too red. Sue Purple 6113/6115 would work, or Nosegay 2111.
Sassy - Hibiscus
Soot - Examplar Primitive Black is excellent.
Valley Green - nothing in variegated matches. Vetch 3235/3237 or for bright Popinjay 3305/3307
Verde - Nothing in variegated matches - Vetch 3239/3241 or brighter Popinjay 3309/3311
Wild Orchid - Nothing bright enough in a purple. Rose Quartz 1369 is about the closest, but more pink than the original.

Carrie's Creations - Carrie's Creations - a more muted sampler-ish colourway:

Carrie's Creations Sampler Colourway
Citrus - Bittersweet or Caribou Hyde
Corazon - Wicked Red
Cornflower - Slate Blue
Lemon Zip - Antique Gold
Mystic Moss - Green Grass
Purple - Dusty Purple
Sassy - Dusty Rose
Soot - Cappucino
Valley Green - Saguaro
Verde - Bullfrog
Wild Orchid - Dusty Mauve

Carrie's Creations - Belle Soie - Brighter Colourway - not exact, but the colours give a similar overall feel

Citrus - Carrot Cake
Corazon - Tulip
Cornflower - Ocean Tide
Lemon Zip - Mango
Mystic Moss - Kiwi
Purple - Empress or Princess
Sassy - Rouge
Soot - Noir
Valley Green - Collard Greens
Verde - Beanstalk
Wild Orchid - Petunia or Boysenbeauty

Carrie's Creations - Belle Soie - Sampler style colourway

Citrus - Maple Leaf
Corzon - Sister Scarlett
Cornflower - Mer Bleu
Lemon Zip - Her Crowne
Mystic Moss - Lily Pad
Purple - Elegant Eggplant
Sassy - Rustique
Soot - Briar Patch or Espresso
Valley Green - Weathered Vine
Verde - Attic Tea
Wild Orchid - Plush Plum

Daisy Conversions

Belle Soie to HDF

Carnation - Nothing really close in a variegated, Winterberried would be the closest, however the colour is much closer to the lightest colours in the Phlox family.
Creme De Menthe - Imperialosity would work - it's a bit to more yellow than the Creme De Menthe and doesn't go quite as dark.
Mango - Nothing really close in variegated, Examplar Sea Silk would work.