Corrections/Additional information

We all make mistakes, and I'm only human so from time to time there will be corrections to my charts. You can download them all here. :)

Celtic Garden - Not a correction so much as an additional tutorial. This was my first "official" design, and since I charted it I've learned a lot about designing, charting software and so on. For addtional information on the Hungarian Stitch flower, see HERE.

Hearts Entwined - A correction to the instructions and figure numbering can be found HERE.

Antique Lace Band Sampler - Two small corrections to the chart on pages 1 and 3 can be found HERE. There is also a bead missing - page 17, row 527, column 113 - there is an X symbol where there should be an O symbol.

To save these to your computer so you can view/print them later, click on File, Download Original. :)