Friday, August 8, 2014

A correction to Twisted Rainbow Sampler

I'm usually really careful with making sure everything gets proofread several times before release and this one was no exception, but occasionally things will get missed.

In the materials list for both the specialty stitch and cross stitch versions of Twisted Rainbow Sampler, there is a mistake in the DMC conversion.

Where it reads DMC 3811, it should be 3812. Sadly the colours aren't very similar either so it will be pretty noticeable if you're going to use the DMC.

This will only affect those who purchased before today, and possibly the first shipment to Hoffman. I have sent them the correction to include with orders though so they should be okay. Any orders placed through Dinky Dyes are already corrected.

Here's a link to the corrected materials list page:

I really hate it when this happens! I'm so sorry!! 

Monday, August 4, 2014

And one more new release!

The much anticipated Twisted Rainbow Sampler is finished!! It really came out beautifully, the colours are just fantastic. Being the crazy person I am, I stitched it on black linen, but it really does show off these colours beautifully. :) The threads I used are from Thread Pickerz and they are just lovely. The floss pack contains all 18 colours, and is more than enough to complete the design. If the bright colours are a little too much for you, Eileen also does a gorgeous pastel pack - same colours in very a pale pastels - which would be gorgeous too! The fabric I used is 32ct Onyx from Weeks Dye works - it comes in a huge range of different counts - 30, 32, 35, 36 and 40, so there's a count for anyone's liking! Alternatively, you can get black in standard Belfast linen or Lugana, I went with the hand dyed as I used a hand dyed for Twisted Band Sampler and wanted the sizes to match up. :)

And for those of you who don't like specialty stitches or can't see to stitch on linen....

....there's also a cross stitch only version. As of today, both this and the Twisted Band Sampler cross stitch version will both be available to wholesale customers from Dinky Dyes. :)

Both are up in my Etsy shop now for customers who prefer PDF. :)

You'd think I have some time to relax, but alas, I have a freebie to get stitched up this week and some new designs to chart, and two more birthstones to finish by month end, and a whole bunch of new butterflies to chart.... It never stops but it's great to be busy. :)

BUT... I am taking a day off this week to go visit my sweet little nephew! :D

Friday, August 1, 2014

New design release

Hello all! It's been a very busy month here at Northern Expressions. :) I'm almost finished Twisted Rainbow - if I get my butt in gear I may finish the stitching today and get the instructions written over the weekend. :)

I've had a very exciting week! My model stitcher, Ellen, sent me a message late last week that she had finished Shades of Blue and it was coming home. Now I love blue, and of course I love the design, I did design it after all, but oh my, I was not prepared for how beautifully it turned out. I had a lot of help picking the colours from Dinky Dyes (when it was still Jo at the helm), and her selections could not have been more perfect. It turned out better than I could ever have hoped. The colours are so soothing and tranquil and lovely.

It uses three different Dinky Dyes blues, and it's done on 40ct Nantucket Sky from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. It's all cross stitch, so you could do it on any type or count of fabric you like. :)

I also had a wonderful surprise this week... I'm an auntie!! My nephew, Easton Sparrow Bonnett was born on Monday, July 28. And yes, he IS named after Jack Sparrow. I love it. :D He's so perfect and precious and I love him like crazy already. :)

And now back to work.... I should get lots done today... Facebook is down! lol