Friday, August 8, 2014

A correction to Twisted Rainbow Sampler

I'm usually really careful with making sure everything gets proofread several times before release and this one was no exception, but occasionally things will get missed.

In the materials list for both the specialty stitch and cross stitch versions of Twisted Rainbow Sampler, there is a mistake in the DMC conversion.

Where it reads DMC 3811, it should be 3812. Sadly the colours aren't very similar either so it will be pretty noticeable if you're going to use the DMC.

This will only affect those who purchased before today, and possibly the first shipment to Hoffman. I have sent them the correction to include with orders though so they should be okay. Any orders placed through Dinky Dyes are already corrected.

Here's a link to the corrected materials list page:

I really hate it when this happens! I'm so sorry!! 

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