Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ran out of beads!!

How frustrating is this. I was about half an hour away from completing Sabrina yesterday and I ran out of beads!!! Not one kind, but two!! I dropped an email to Wichelt to let them know the materials list was off. One kind I was only off by about 25, so I can understand how that would get missed, beads are sold by weight not count so there might be a slight variance between packages, but the other one I still need close to a hundred. That's a pretty big variance!!

I suppose that means I'll have to go visit Brenda again this week. Oh darn. :) Mom wants me to come into town on Thursday because one of her co-workers is dying to see Sabrina all finished (or almost finished anyway). So Thursday it is! :)

Fabric for AL isn't here (and I'm cursing customs and Canada Post daily), so I started another Nora Corbett design last night. I should probably have pulled out one of my many WIPs, but I needed cheering up - between fabric not arriving yet, and running out of beads I was a bit grumpy. A new start always cheers me up, so I started on Bluebell. Stitching it on Little Boy Blue Belfast linen. This one will stitch up quickly I think, it's not a huge design.

And now I'm being booted off the computer as it's hubby's day off and he wants to work on world domination and Total War: Shogun 2 doesn't work on the laptop. So off to stitch!

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