Friday, April 8, 2011

A HUGE sigh of relief

Found my fabric. Ordered my fabric. Fabric will be on it's way to me shortly. Lois at Elegant Stitch had it in stock!! I'm sure there are other places that carry it, heck I found Lugana in that colour everywhere. I would have happily special ordered it, but then waiting for it to come in at their end, AND waiting another week or two for it to be shipped would have put me so far behind. I'm soooo happy!!!! Just a little note - having a back up plan is a great idea. Making sure your backup plan is available AHEAD of time is an even better one.

It's amazing how one little email can change your mood so dramatically. I didn't sleep at all the last two nights agonizing over what to do, and with every "no, sorry we don't have that" I was sinking lower and lower. And then this morning, there were those three little words. "Yes, we do." I was literally dancing. Thank you Lois!

So now I have a huge piece of beautiful plum/magenta/fuschia (so hard to describe the colour but it is close to a DMC 915) fabric and I have no idea what I want to do with it. What a fantastic colour though - it's truly beautiful and I will have to come up with something for it.

Feeling inspired now, so I'm going to do some work on Celtic Snow. :) Maybe even try to finish up the flower designs!

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