Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Start...

FINALLY!! The fabric arrived safe and sound, and it's RED. Perfect, gorgeous, and RED.

Customs must have really liked it too, as it sat at the clearing house for five days. :/

And so momentarily, when I finish my coffee, I shall begin Antique Lace. I'm just so excited, my hands are shaking!! My goal today is to make a decision on which beads I'm going to use and get those ordered.

Of course I have no camera for a while, but if I can manage it, I'll post a scan of my bead testing. :)

Happy dancing!!

On the job front I had a telephone interview about the job I mentioned the other day. What I was told before I talked to him was that they were looking for someone to do sandwiches, party platters, prep-work for the cook and taking orders (it's for a catering company). What I found out on the phone was that he's actually looking for the opposite - a cook/chef who could also do some prep work and packaging. BUT, he did sound really interested - even after telling me what he was looking for, we talked for a half hour and he said he'd call me after he does find a cook because he always needs people for prep work too and that he'd be hiring one before the summer rush. So it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but it's still not a total wash either.

Of to stitch now!! YAY!!!!!

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  1. I share your excitement. Can't wait for photos when you have a camera available.