Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lots of stitching since Friday...

I spent the weekend working away at Spring Quakers by Rosewood Manor. While the colour changes are driving me to distraction, the results are very pretty. I played in photoshop to try and get the colours accurate - the floss colours are pretty close, but pictures just don't show the subtle colour changes in the fabric. Overall it's a sand colour, but has subtle splashes of pink and green overtones which make it a wonderful colour for a spring design like this. The fabric is Sassy's Desert Sandstorm, and the floss is Belle Soie (12 colours). I managed to get the first three pages done and bits of the next three where the motifs ran onto the next page.

On that note, I discovered am incapable of stopping a motif midway just because it's the end of the page. One of my little quirks I suppose, but I'm fanatical about it. When using variegated floss as I often do, I don't want to take the chance of coming back to the area later and the floss not matching up perfectly. I might have cut a new strand and the shading is slightly different, etc. I don't just stitch row by row when using a variegated, but follow the shape and flow of the motif, line, whatever I'm stitching, and it really messes with my head if I lose that "flow" by stopping partway through. So for something like a flower, I stitch petal by petal, working my way around the flower. I also always try to hide my start and end points in a corner because the colour might be lighter or darker where I finished up than where I started. Plus, especially in a piece like this, it means more stopping and starting if I quit half way through the motif!! I'm very strange. lol

I also discovered that I am fanatical about red. I'm also very picky about it. My favourite red is one that is clear, bright and true, that doesn't lean towards a blue, doesn't lean towards a yellow. This is true of the reds I'm using in the piece. Tulip, the brighter red, is exactly as I described, and really rings true. It really has a wow factor. The darker red, which is called Cranberry, also stays true. Even at it darkest points, there is not a hint of brown or purple in it. This impresses me - I'd imagine it's a challenge to get a red this deep and still keep it this clear. Well done Sharon! That's not to say I don't like blue reds or yellow reds. They're always useful and they're great for creating a feeling. There's just something about finding a perfectly balanced red that excites me. I'll say again, I'm very strange. :)

After taking pictures last night I decided to swap out to something that I wouldn't have to constantly change colours on, so I pulled out Sabrina. As far as cross stitch goes, I only have white and a little bit of metallic left so it fits. I must say though, going from the super soft, luxurious feel of the Belle Soie to DMC is such a drastic change. I miss my silk already and I only put in a couple hundred stitches last night. I'm so spoiled. :D

Still waiting for materials to arrive for Antique Lace. Not that I've been waiting long but it feels like forever!! Can you tell I'm excited about this one?

On another note, I sort of have a job interview today. Yesterday, Jon had a customer come in who works at Len's Mill Store (local craft store for those who aren't familiar), and he asked if they were looking for anyone - and they are! So he told her a little about me, and she said I sounded like I'd be a great fit and that I should come in and speak to the manager. So I am. :) It's 2-3 days a week so it might be just what I'm looking for. Fingers crossed and wish me luck!


  1. I really love the colours you are using!!

  2. Wow, that piece is so much more colourful than I expected it to be! You're making great progress and inspiring me to make some progress on my projects!

  3. Wow! You have really been coming along with this one! I love working with silks, too! They feel so wonderful! And I agree, it is hard to go back to DMC!