Saturday, March 5, 2011


Calling all bead experts out there!!

I've been doing my bead testing for Antique Lace. I originally thought I'd have to go with petite beads, but after doing some testing with sizes I found that 11/0 or 12/0 will fit easily given the beads aren't solid but scattered around. So that opened up a whole big range of options.

I found the perfect beads - by picture on the internet anyway. They're from SJ Designs, and they really do look perfect. See here: Creme Pearl Glass Beads.

However, they're not very widely available. I may still use them, but I was looking at the Mill Hill beads and thinking that even if I don't use them I should still at least offer a conversion to them. I was looking at 3021 as the alternative, but of course the pictures I can find are tiny and I can't tell what kind of finish they have. I'm looking for a light cream colour with a pearlized finish. I've emailed Mill Hill but I don't expect to hear back until Monday. So if you have this colour, can you let me know if it fits that description?

On to other things, I did a few conversions today for My Mother's Garden II which is running in The Gift of Stitching Magazine and added them to the Conversions Page. I have a few more to post whenever I find the notepad I wrote them down on!!

I'm stitching again, it was literally just that I needed a change and not that I lost my mojo. lol I decided to work on Cirque des Triangles and will post a picture of my progress when I switch back to Daisy!

And lastly, I've decided that I will (when I figure out how to do it) add a paypal cart to my blog for PDF purchases. I won't, however, offer new designs until shops have had them for at least a couple months. That way everyone's happy - shops get first crack at them, and then if people can't find them in their usual shopping sources, they can get them from me. :)

Off to search the house for my notebook now!


  1. Hi Nicole,

    I have some 3021 and they look similar to the SJ Designs Creme Pearl (Judging by the picture). Perhaps a little bit more creamy. If this helps, the shade seems slightly paler than DMC 712.

    Irene in NZ

  2. I'd be more than happy to send you some samples to play with-- just let me know where to send them! This creme color is available in 3 sizes of seed beads-- 8/0, 11/0 and 14/0, plus a triangle cut in the 11/0s and hex cut in the 14/0s. For a real "pearl-like" effect the 2mm Creme Faux Pearls are a similar color and close in size to the 11/0 beads.

    Best wishes, Susan.

  3. Susan, thank you for you wonderful offer! I'm emailing you now. :)