Sunday, October 2, 2011

That was fast...

Wanna know what bead heaven feels like? Here's a little glimpse...

Can you say "fast"? I emailed About Beads on the 23rd to special order these, which they did. They emailed me that they had them in on the 27th, I paid, they shipped (I paid extra for express because I wanted tracking and insurance with the way CP has been lately) and on Friday morning they were here. Jon hadn't left for work yet, so he signed for them and they were waiting for me on my desk when I got home from work. Lovely surprise, I must say!

So I spent the morning figuring out some coversions for a couple Mirabilias and Glendon Place charts I plan to stitch someday. :) I despise Mill Hill beads, they're so irregular and I can't stand using beading needles, and on the Delicas I can use a #28 no problem.

This is just the size 11/0 set, but it's a good jumping off point - from here I can simply look up the colours in other sizes and see if they're available or not. There's still a bit of guesswork when converting because Mill Hill's pictures are so horrible. I'm trying to find a sample card (a complete one that has ACTUAL samples, not just pictures) for Mill Hill but not having much luck - most are old and don't include all colours. ARGH!

ETA: Yes, Mill Hill DOES do cards. You can order them from your favourite shop as long as they have a Wichelt account. :) Have ordered the Seed Bead cards.

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