Sunday, October 9, 2011

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I'm thankful that it's here and I don't have to lug around anymore turkeys at work!!

But seriously, I'm mostly thankful for my wonderful family. My boyfriend is the most loving and supportive man I've ever known. My son, who is having a few growing pains entering adulthood, but seems to be overcoming them well (though he misses his mommy and tells me so almost every day). My mother for her unwavering support and encouragement. My father, who, even now worries about his little girl all the time. And my brother who has finally acheived the success that I hoped for. 

I'm also thankful for my friends, both those in person and those online, who listen to my rants and try to see past my indecisive nature (which I'm sure must be frustrating at times!). I have some wonderful friends in my life and I'm grateful for you all every day. 

Okay, so on to some less soppy stuff now. :) I've been trying to stitch as much as I can, and I have a bit of progress on Growth Rings to show. I'd have more but it's been an especially busy and exhausting week at work this week so I've been too tired to stitch most evenings. But I'm getting through it. :) Tomorrow I'll have all day to stitch so I'm going to. ;) Just a refresher, it's Gloriana Holly Berry and Antique Black stitched on Silkweaver 40ct Purely Primitive. I've been thinking about what colours I'd like to use when I re-stitch this one for myself someday, and I'm leaning towards something a little more earthy I think. Then again by the time I get around to stitching it for myself I'll probably have changed my mind ten more times. ;)

Some other stitching stuff.... I got in a yard of 28ct Dauphin fabric from HDF. It's a cotton linen blend (though I'm not sure on the percentages). The one thing I can say about it without having tested it yet is that it's stiff. I'm not generally a fan of stiff because stiff fabric is usually pretty harsh on threads, so I'm hoping a wash and dry will soften it up a bit (though I've been warned not to iron it because it will stiffen up again). I wonder if fabric softener would help? lol Apart from that, I have to say it's incredibly even and will make a fantastic fabric for over one. It's not quite white, it's almost a silver grey colour, but pretty. I might try my hand at some fabric painting with it as well. It was inexpensive, so I grabbed a yard for exactly that reason - to play. :) I'll probably give it a stitching test run tomorrow if I can drag myself away from Growth Rings for a little while. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!

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