Friday, September 30, 2011

Growth Rings is "growing"

I finished my ornament and got it shipped out to TGOS this week. The best way I can describe it is that it's got lots of bling. :) Beads, buttons and metallics galore. Look for it in next months issue! 

That means that I got to start something new this week. :) I would have gone back to a WIP, really I would, but I have to get this stitched for my little bro as a Christmas present. Would have had it done but the thread was backordered for a couple months (see what I mean about my luck? lol) I can post pics of that one so far... not much to show yet, I only started it Tuesday night and haven't had much time since, but I'm going to work on it like crazy over the next couple of weekends. :) My brother chose the colours, and it's coming out beautifully. He doesn't know what the design looks like however, so that will be a surprise! I'm stitching it in Gloriana's Antique Black and Holly Berry, on Silkweaver's Purely Primitive 40ct linen. The good thing is that I really like the design, since I'll be stitching it again for myself someday, just in a different colour scheme. :)

Once I get this done, I have to stitch my ornament again, since I decided it would be a perfect Christmas gift for mom. She's a little miffed that I wouldn't let her see the original one before I sent it away, but that's just too darn bad. Hehe.

Then it's back to finishing the model stitching on Rose, and ordering materials for some more ornaments I've planned out for release next year. 

But for now it's off to work. :) Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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  1. I LOVED working on my growth rings. Such a nice pattern. I to want to do it again. I did it in Orange and Blue to go up in my office.... but I have not gotten it framed yet.
    I like your version with black and then an accent colour! Can't wait to see it grow