Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's July!

Can it really be July? I know at the beginning of every month I post about being surprised that another month has passed already, but it's honest shock and awe at how quickly time flies by these days.

First, a little note that the final part of the mystery sampler, My Mother's Garden II is now available in The Gift of Stitching. Since it's all out in the open now, I can post a picture of the whole thing! I apologize in advance for the terrible picture, and will post better ones when the model is back in my hands. :) I'm gearing up to stitch another model of this one in a more muted colourway and on a smaller count fabric - just cause. I knew when I designed this one that a lot of people would probably prefer more muted, sampler-ish colours, but since this one shall eventually hang next to it's big sister in my mother's living room, I though it best to choose colours that my mom would appreciate most. I will say that even the more muted colourway is still in very rich colours. I just can't bring myself to stitch in dull colours. When will this be re-released as a stand alone design? I'm figuring on the fall Online Needlework show or possibly Nashville for that, but will let you know if that time frame changes.

I'd like to thank everyone for the amazing feedback I've been getting about Antique Lace(s). It's been wonderful hearing from all of you and I can't wait to see some WIP pictures!

I'm getting ready to start stitching the next flower design, but I can't decide which to do first, Rose or Marigold. Marigold would probably be the better choice since I don't yet have an orange one in the set, but I'm so in love with Belle Soie Rosebud I'm using for Rose that I'm torn!! So in the meantime I've been stitching away on Petal Fairy and I'm getting close to finishing. I may just keep at it and finish her up - I've got two colours of yellow left on her skirt and then just her legs and the beading to do. I hate to put her away with so little left to do! At some point I need to get a move on on my brother's Christmas present, but the threads are still in the mail.

I've also been fiddling around on the computer with some new designs. Nothing concrete yet, as I can't seem to translate what's in my head to little x's just yet. You would not believe how frustrating that is!! Eventually it'll just spew out and I'll be on the computer designing non-stop for two weeks. I've learned it's better to wait until it's concrete in my head than trying to force it.

And with that, I'm going to go stitch.

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  1. MMG#2 is kitted and AL#2 is ordered! WOO HOO! Life doesn't get much better! :-)