Thursday, June 30, 2011

All finished :)

Okay well it was all stitched up on Friday. But then I took the weekend off to relax, and come Monday I was down for the count with some sort of bug. :( Feeling much better now, but oh what a pain. I've been stuck like glue to the computer since Tuesday morning though and, as promised, both versions have been sent off to the distributor now and will be available from ECS as soon as Cindy gets a chance to update the website. :)

And for those who may have missed it, or haven't seen it yet, here is the long band sampler version. I'll be stitching my model for this one later on in the summer - I need a break from lace!! Materials should be starting to arrive soon though, now that the mail is moving again.

I had hoped to have a third design to release today too, but with the postal strike the model for the third one sat at the border for who knows how long. I know it cleared customs at least a week ago or more, so it should be arriving home soon. Hopefully. If it gets lost, can I sue Canada Post/CUPW/Jack Layton for it? I think all of the small businesspeople like me should band together and start a class action lawsuit against them for all the hassles and stoppage of work they caused us.

Now I'm taking a short break from model stitching and working on Petal Fairy for a few days. I do have materials here to start either Marigold or Rose, so I may do that this week. I also have materials on order for a couple others so I might wait until those get here. Not sure, it's just nice to NOT be stitching lace. ;)


  1. Absolutely fabulous! Congratulations on an amazing finish!!

  2. Congrats on your finish, I love the long band version of this one too.

  3. well done, and very pretty.
    Be always in stitches