Friday, July 15, 2011

Roses in bloom...

Well not really - I don't have a yard, so nowhere to plant roses. But they ARE in my stitching!

Got started on Rose this week, and I LOVE these colours, which are Belle Soie Rosebud and Collard Greens. And of course the fabric is my old favourite, 40ct Magnolia from Lakeside. I have to say, after two projects on 32ct, it's soooooo wonderful to stitch on 40ct again. I love the tiny little stitches and the delicacy of the motifs!

I would have more stitched but the darned frogs have been to visit this week. I'm not surprised, we drove the through swarms of them the other night and I think I few hitched a ride home with us! Hopefully they're bored with me now, I KNOW I'm bored of them.

The week has definitely improved, though it kinda had to. Thank you for your good wishes, they worked. :)

We have a Nate free few days, he's off to stay with his new girlfriend for a few days. Her parents are really looking forward to meeting him. I know we really enjoyed having her here a couple weeks ago! While he's only 18 and I don't want him settling down YET, I have to admit I really like this girl and I hope it lasts. For one thing, she actually eats!!! She's very polite, great sense of humour and it's obvious she adores Nate.

As an added bonus, Jon took a few vacation days starting Sunday, no big plans apart from celebrating his birthday, but it'll be nice to spend a few days with him where neither of us has to run off anywhere. :) With the hours he works, we don't get to spend a lot of time together, especially just the two of us. I always look forward to it so much! I'm pleased to say that after almost six years together (in person - 2 more talking online) we're not even close to being tired of each other and still cherish every minute we get. :)

My plan for this week was to get started on the website, but it just hasn't happened. I did get my inital drawings done for an ornament I'm doing for The Gift of Stitching though, and will be getting that all charted out this weekend. As my aunt would say, it's got lots of bling! It'll be a fun one to stitch, AND will be my very first attempt at finishing work. If I can do it, anyone can. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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