Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Strawberry Sampler

It's been an interesting week. I was typing away at an email on Monday, and all of a sudden I hear this click and I saw something inside my computer case fall. I looked in and the heatsink had actually come away from the motherboard and landed on my graphics card!! Of course on seeing this, I immediately reached for the power button, but too late. Black screen everything shut off due to overheating.

Took it all apart, and it turns out that a little plastic lip on the bracket that holds the heatsink in place had snapped off. Seriously??? 15 year of tech support and I never, ever, saw anything like it. My biggest fear was that it had damaged the graphics card, the CPU had melted and/or shorted out the motherboard and damaged everything else.

Well after several hours of looking for the replacement part - which would have been easier if I had known what the bloody thing was called. It's a "heatsink retention bracket" and not a "plastic thingy that holds the heatsink on the CPU". Anyway, I found one, and Newegg, as usual, had it out and in my hands in less than 48 hours.

So last night Jon put it all back together - I let him do it, I was so frustrated I was afraid I might break the new one - and we fired it up. Obviously, since I'm typing this, it all works okay.

The good thing about having no computer - well no decent computer anyway - is that you can get an immense amount of stitching done when you're not surfing. lol

In stitching news, my fabric arrived for the new secret design, and so I shall be starting it momentarily. But I thought first I'd post a picture of what I've been working on in the meantime, Sampler Cove's The Strawberry Sampler.

I'm torn. I want to keep working on it!! It's so pretty! But I'm on a deadline for the new one, and I'm really excited about it. Specifics - using the called for 36ct Magnolia linen from Lakeside Linens, and most of the called for fibers except I changed the greens as previously mentioned.

And now off to start a new adventure!


  1. That's really pretty, Nicole! Your photo shows the colours much better than the model photo.

  2. its gorgeous i just knew this would be stunning stitched
    as you know i adore htis pattern..
    how is Diane ? she has been very quiet and i worry about her