Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a relaxing week!!

So nice to not have to get up early!! Stay up as late as we want, sleep as late as we want... that said I'm still up by 7:30ish every day, but it's a far sight better than getting up at 4:30!! And I've noticed this past few days - no headache, no backache, no sore knees, no sore feet, shoulders don't hurt as badly... obviously it's all due to work. Concrete floors and flourescent lights and repetitive motion are bad. Relaxation is good. Not that I'm sitting about all day every day, we've been quite busy actually.

Had a quick visit at the LNS earlier in the week, would have like to stay longer, but I always feel guilty when I'm not alone and others have to wait for me. lol I did pick up a few things - the new Rosewood Manor charts from market - which are gorgeous btw - and some Kingston linen. Everyone thinks I'm nuts but I really CAN see it just fine!! I of course brought Forget Me Not with me to show off, though I stupidly forgot to bring the new one I'm working on. Will do so soon. I'd really like to be able to visit sort of once every couple weeks - even bring a piece in with me and work on it for a little while while I visit. Must start making time to do so. I also got to meet a couple more stitchers, though with it being such a quick pop in, I didn't get a chance to chat for long. :(

Also did a bit of shopping this week, and got new shoes!! Just have to post a pic cause they are sooooo cute. The great thing - also very dangerous to the bank account - about having a hubby who works in a shoe store is that I can get the latest and greatest of just about anything I want for basically wholesale price. :D Aren't these fun? I know my mother will roll her eyes and tell me I'm almost 40 and shouldn't be dressing like a teenager, but hey, it keeps me young! Gotta have fun in life right? Also picked up the new Doc Marten catalogue - the company was sold and they haven't been produced in a while, but they're finally making a comeback. Since my oxfords and boots were retired a year or so ago, I think I shall need to invest in some new ones. :)

I've also been working away at the new design and making wonderful progress. First two pages complete and I'm trying to use this holiday time to get in lots of stitching. Sort of one day to stitch, one day to wander about with the MIL. :) Today is my stitch like mad day, just thought I'd ramble a bit while I take a coffee break.

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