Monday, September 13, 2010

Some WIP pictures to share

But this time, they're not mine!!

I'm so proud to present these, I get so excited to see stitchers' interpretations of my designs!!

This week I have 3 pictures to share. All three are of Hearts Entwined, and all three are in entirely different colour palettes. And I love them all. :)

First, is Bhooma's start. She's chosen to stitch Hearts Entwined on 40 ct French Vanilla Linen from Sassy's Fabbys, and is using Hand Dyed Fibers in a limited edition overdyed Quince, Examplar Spinach Delight and Haystacks. It's lovely with a very rich and rustic feel to it. I can't wait to see how the deep red pink works up in the centrepiece!

Next up is Rianne's WIP. Rianne has chosen to stitch her version on 40 ct Fog from Picture This Plus, using Hand Dyed Fibers in Winterberry 1425, Rubbed Blue Green (which may be a limited edition, it's not available through the catalog as yet), and a combination of Examplar Fleckstone and BeLaced for the border. This one has a very cool wintry feel to it, and I love how the Fleckstone/BeLaced gives an antique lacy feel to the border.

And finally, Heather's version of Hearts Entwined is stitched on 38 ct Nacre from Gander Linen, and she is using Hand Dyed Fibers in Quince 1411, Primitive Barn Green, and Examplar White Chocolate. Heather stitched this over the weekend AFTER shoulder surgery, and her needles are still blazing. Heather will be adding in extra lines of text to the piece to make it into an anniversary sampler - I can't wait to see how it comes out!

My next blog update will be to show off my finish of Forget Me Not - almost there now, I'm hoping to report a finish/release by the weekend - time permitting of course. I have half the outer band to finish and I'll be done! After that, WIP pictures will be ceased for a little while as I begin work on a super secret project that will be revealed early next year. I'm seriously excited about this one and can't wait to dive head first into stitching!!!!

And now I'm off to stitch my little heart out on FMN - day off tomorrow and I shall be stitching, and stitching and stitching!!

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