Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zweigart, you read my mind

Not so long ago I was lamenting about the difficulty finding a suitable deep red fabric for a future design.

Of course there were standard fabrics in the colour I wanted in 32 count or less. I didn't really want 32 count, it would mean using 2 strands for cross stitching, and I just couldn't stomach that idea. I'm spoiled, aren't I?

I did find a couple possibilities from Weeks Dye Works and Stitches and Spice. While I love WDW linen colours, I'm not a huge fan of their base fabric, it's a bit too thin/uneven for my liking. And while I love Stitches and Spice fabrics AND colours (or at least those I've used!), the Hunter Shiraz I was looking at was a bit too mottled and a bit more purple than what I was looking for. Am I picky or what?

What colour did I want? Ruby Wine by Zwiegart, preferably in 36 or 40 count. Well guess what Zwiegart has just released? 36 count Ruby Wine! Colour me happy!

I won't be ordering it just yet, not even close to being ready to start this one, given I've only sketched it out on paper, but I'm just so happy I CAN get it when I need to. :D

Speaking of ordering, I caved and ordered two new HDF colours, BeCherished and Dragon Heart. I didn't want to pass them up while they were Mini's of the month. I'm so weak. Haven't the faintest idea what I'll use them for, they just looked perdy.

My cold is much better. My head is still plugged, my throat and ears still ache and I still have a bit of a nasty cough, but I no longer feel like I have cement in my chest. After working today though, my voice has gone bye-bye.

Still working away on Alpine Garden - no pics today though, I'm too lazy. I'm almost done the octagonal inner border, after that I'll set about tackling the backstitched flowers inside it. At least until my materials for hearts arrive! And with that, I'm gonna go relax and stitch. :)

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