Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stash Mail - Yippee!!!!

Well my first package from Wasatch Needlecraft has arrived!! A full yard of 40 count Magnolia for my flower designs - guess I should set about to finally picking my colours for these, huh?

AND I got a treat for me... some Carrie's silks. Going by Carrie's recommendations, I ordered enough Crimson and Plymouth Red for Rhapsody in Red, and they're lovely. I also ordered a whole bunch of Colonial Red, which Carrie warned me was dying up very pink, and though yes, it is pink, it's awesome. I'm going to use it for Taking Flight, along with the spool of Delphinium I got last week.

So what do I think of Carrie's silks? Niiiiiice. They're soft and supple, very smooth without any fuzzies. They've got a decent amount of twist, so they don't shred easily and have a nice sheen. Having only test stitched a tiny bit, I can't really give a big critique, but so far so good. :) Tentative two thumbs up!

So now just a few more things I'm waiting on, fabric for my hearts design, NPI for my hearts design, and a few new colours of Gloriana I was missing. Of course Anne released 5 or 6 more in Nashville, as did Jo of Dinky Dyes, so I'll have to play catch up once more. *Sigh* It never ends. ;)

I'm still working on Alpine Garden. Really pretty so far. I'm almost finished the centrepiece, just finishing the over one bit under the cottage. Some really fantastic colours in this. I was a bit leery about the pond scum - very neon yellow green - but all stitched up, I love it. Really have to stop miscellaneous stash purchases and start saving up for that Silk 'N Colors set. Everytime I get new colours I just ooh and ahh. And I love how they shimmer all stitched up. Soooo very pretty. When I finish up this bit, I'll snap a pic!

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