Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Dopey...

Yep, I'm currently most of the seven dwarves rolled into one.

Sleepy - Still trying to catch up on zzzz's after staying up for two weeks straight to watch the olympics. Also from picking up extra shifts at work. Sleeping in tomorrow, any cat that attempts to wake me early will rapidly experience flight.

Happy - Well, I just got word from my distributor, European Cross Stitch, with a list of shops that have ordered my designs. I'm extremely happy, elated, excited and overjoyed to report that Northern Expressions designs are available in 50 shops throughout Canada, USA and even Australia! WOO HOO!! Thanks in no small part go to Kathy, Angie and Cindy from ECS who do such a spectacular job, and of course to Thai Di, who snuck behind my back to introduce my designs to ECS!! I've updated my list. :)

Grumpy - This kind of ties into the needing sleep thing - also to two cats who won't shut up. They have this habit lately of meowing constantly whenever I'm at the computer. Either at the cupboard with the treats in it, or wanting me to pick them up and hug them, or just sitting right in front of me on the desk in front of the computer. Currently Tigger is pawing Nate's door wanting in. Nate has already kicked him out twice for sitting on his keyboard. Squeaky is digging at the cupboard. I'm giving them treats momentarily in hopes it will quiet them for a few minutes, though I doubt it. Update - that didn't work. Now they're not meowing, but chasing each other about the house. Who'd have though that two little cats, no more than 20lbs between them, could sound like a herd of elephants?

Dopey - Again, I think this probably has something to do with needing sleep, but it could just be me. Probably me.

Sneezy - This is due to a combination of things - change of weather is bringing on a cold, or aggravating my sinus thing. (Sinus thing - not an infection, but some sort of inflammation which has my entire left sinus blocked, but I can't afford time off work for surgery right now so I live with it). Or it could just be that 1 in 10 customers in the store today felt the need to bathe in cheap perfume/cologne.

Bashful - Me??? Not likely.

Doc - Well I'm not bearded, though I'm short, chubby and wear glasses (well contact lenses). Does that count?

Okay so five of seven. Not bad.

Day off tomorrow, going to sleep, stitch and relax, in that order.

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