Monday, December 19, 2011

Is it January yet???

First off, congratulations to the draw winners, I hope you enjoy your packages! :)

This little giveaway made me realize that as much as I LOVE receiving stash, knowing I've helped brighten someone's day is such a wonderful feeling!

On that note, I've made some stitching resolutions for the new year.

First and foremost, it's time for a serious stash overhaul. I must go through my charts and actually figure out colour schemes, fabrics, etc. and match it up to what I have, order what I need, and get rid of that which is just taking up space. Colour sets for designing are one thing. Miscellaneous skeins because they were on sale or because they were pretty are another. Fat quarters of fabric are out - fat halves or yards are in. Must THINK before purchasing instead of impulse buying!!!

Second, I need to organize my time and resources better. I'm doing far too much at the last minute. Usually not my fault - changes in scheduling at work have been the worst culprit - but I need to allow myself more time for incidental stuff like nights that I'm too tired to stitch. It happens and I have to stop feeling guilty about it when it does!!

And some news... my son has found a tattoo shop interested in helping him finish his apprenticeship and they're even willing to PAY him for the hours he works in the shop. He starts the week after New Year. He's overjoyed at this news and I am SO happy for him. I know the guy who will be teaching him, he worked at the local shop here when Nate first started his apprenticeship, so I feel a little bit more comfortable about him moving there. My mother and I frequently argue about his career choice, she just doesn't get it. The way SHE looks at it - it's not a respectable job and she's ashamed to tell people what he's doing. My take on it? He's an amazing artist, and if he can use that talent in his career choice, I'm all for it. I've never seen him this passionate in his life (apart from his dinosaur fanaticism as a wee one) and I'd rather see him choose a career that makes him happy than one that simply makes him money. As long as his bills are paid, why should it concern her so much? Maybe it's just the generation gap.

And now I must go and attempt to finish my last Christmas present, an ornament for my grandmother, which has been the bane of my existence these past few weeks. I stitched it once as a model, stitching it a second time has been tedious at best, but it's nearing the finish line. If I can finish the backstitching tonight, I'll just have to sew and stuff it tomorrow night. See what I mean about last minute?


  1. Hi Nicole,

    Your Mother's opinion of your son being a tattoo artist may be a generational thing. Tattoos used to be frowned upon as they were linked to the seedier side of life. But that has changed considerably. I think it is great that he has found something he is really keen on; you spend a lot of time working, far better it be something you enjoy.

    Have a great Christmas! And remember to relax.

  2. Nicole, I so get it. My son works in a pizza shop. It's a family owned shop and they're training him to manage it so they can open another store. He works 60+ hours some weeks and while he's sometime exhausted, he loves the people he works with and for and the customers. Everytime I go in there someone is telling me how much they like him as an employee and a person. He's even changed his college major to business management. It always amazes me how judgmental people can be. He's gainfully employed, lives on his own, has a vehicle he maintains, pays cash or uses scholarships for his school. He is no burden on society, and isn't that what we all want for our children? They they be productive members of society?

    Happy New Year :)