Monday, December 5, 2011

Colds Suck.

It started on Thursday with a bit of a scratchy throat, the odd little cough and my voice disappearing at odd moments, which was a source of amusement at work. On Friday, the throat was a little more sore, the cough was getting worse and the voice was less coming and more going, but I still went to work since I didn't feel terrible, though by the end of the day I was in a lot of pain from trying to talk all day. Saturday was a different matter. The cough was constant and agonizing - each one put me close to tears with the pain in my throat and ears, my voice was gone completely, and the phlegm began it's relentless attack. I figured it might be worth staying home for the day since the ICK factor was creeping up to red alert levels and I really didn't want to gross out the customers. By Sunday, the sore throat had subsided somewhat, as had the cough to a small degree - both still there, but not constant unless I tried to talk too much. However the phlegm had started flanking maneuvers and seemed to be working on a divide and conquer plan. Not only was it appearing when I coughed, but it had decided that my sinuses were fair game and flooded those as well. Reminder: buy shares in Kleenex. And through it all I still don't feel all that bad. Dehydrated certainly, tired for sure, but thankfully no fever or chills or anything like that to speak of.

I've been dosing myself with Advil cold and sinus, Buckley's and Halls which seem to help as long as I don't try to talk too much. But nothing seems to keep the phlegm at bay, it's sneaky, I tell you. Where is it all coming from??? I swear I've expelled double my body weight in phlegm the past few days, one person cannot possibly produce this much. Is it using my wireless to call in reinforcements or something? I think so.

I'm really annoyed because I had to miss my guild meeting today, but I didn't want to aggravate my throat - I figure if I want to go back to work tomorrow I need to rest up again today. So I'm going to stitch all day again. Actually I've gotten quite a bit of stitching done over the past couple days. I decided it was time to put away the models and finish up my Christmas stitching so I could cross that off my list of things to do. I only have one ornament to do for my grandmother so I should be able to finish that up by the end of next weekend. I'd post a picture of my progress, but so far it's mostly metallics so it's kinda hard to see in pictures. I decided that since my grandmother knows nothing about threads and stuff, rather than waste my precious overdyed silks I would just do it in solid colours. Still went with silks though because I had cards of Splendor in Christmas Red and Christmas Green that matched the Delica beads perfectly. So far so good, I'm really happy with how it's turning out. Will post pics when I get it all stitched up. :)

Oooh and I got a lovely parcel from SJ Designs on Friday. Tried to take pictures but beads are horrible to try to photograph. I picked up samples of the new 2mm Glass Pearls and they're lovely! So far there are 8 colours, but more are coming. And I got samples of the new metallic beads - gold and silver plated - that are to die for. And I got an assortment of colours in the size 14/0 (which are smaller and much more regular than Mill Hill Petite). Trying to match a few colours that I can't match in Delica so I can stitch some Mirabilias on 40ct. :D Can I just say I love her packaging?? They're little screw top pots - so much easier to get into than most.

Going to go take a really hot shower now and try to clear my head out a bit. Can I just say I'm tired of constantly getting sick? This is really starting to suck.

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