Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lots of little tidbits...

But no pictures today, I have lots of stitching to do before I update again!

Yesterday was floss tossing day. And I'm still very undecided. Instinct tells me that light floss on light fabric is the way to go because it's traditional and classic and elegant and very much in the spirit of antique lace.... however, the adventurer in me tells me that it's my design and I can go with the classic or I can be adventurous. And honestly, there are merits to whichever I choose to do.

Classic and Elegant - read cream on cream, white on white or natural on natural - It's beautiful. It's a chance to really show off the different textures in the threads. I looks very cool. The two drawbacks for me are that I don't want to do white again - I know I'll be bored of it and thus will likely not be motivated to stitch it quickly. And second, it's very hard to photograph. Up close and personal, the textures and designs are very apparent and look wonderful but showing this off in a photograph is difficult.

Midway between - I could stay close to the classic, choose a pastel colour and still use a neutral fabric. A beige pink for instance, or a silvery blue. It's still light enough not to be over the top bold, but the hint of colour adds some fun and depth to the piece and makes it much easier to photograph.

Fun and Bold - In this instance I'm thinking of reversing the original colourway and going red on natural or a deep rose on natural. It would be lots of fun to stitch, and it would look lovely. However, it's about as far from lace as one can get! But it would photograph well.

Currently, I'm leaning towards the classic because it's the safe option and thinking that I'll just have to come up with more new designs so I can stitch one in red. ;)

In other news, it's May, so the new issue of The Gift of Stitching is here! This issue features some absolutely lovely smalls, and of course, part four of My Mother's Garden 2. Kirsten has also put together kits for the design, which are available from her shop.

And some shameless self promotion, but I'm excited so you'll have to excuse me - the talented Tracy Horner of Ink Circles has featured my Cirque des Triangles on her blog! I'm honoured and touched at what she had to say. :) I'm also honoured that next month, I get to share a magazine with her, as she has a wonderful new design that will be June's feature in The Gift of Stitching! I can't wait!

And finally, I want to say a big thank you to everyone for your lovely comments. I do so appreciate them even if I don't always get time to answer them. Believe me, they are an incredible inspiration when it comes to getting things stitched and designed! So Thank YOU!

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