Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 weeks in...

...and nearing the halfway point already. My hand is officially aching from pulling stitches all day. This section is going much more quickly than I'd hoped!

I've pretty much decided that I'm going to stitch the second version as well - though I might take a few weeks off in between the two. So I've been trying to figure out a colour scheme for that one. I've narrowed it down to raw linen with white floss, chocolate brown linen with cream floss, or possibly cream linen with a pale colour of floss (not sure what pale colour though). I'd love to hear any suggestions!!


  1. I love linen and white but I can appreciate your dilemma. There are so many beautiful hand dyed pieces of fabric and threads available it is difficult to decide. Take a look at the Ink Circles photo gallery. Many of her designs are done in one color. There are many creative stitchers that can really pick beautiful color combiniations. Maybe one will strike your fancy.

  2. After going through a multitude of floss and fabric samples this morning I think I've made a decision.

    I really, really, really don't want to use white/cream floss again. I'll be sick of the sight of it. And I really don't want to use a dark fabric again, because I want to show the difference between a high contrast version like this and a low contrast, tone on tone version. So I'm thinking Ecru floss on Natural linen would solve both issues. But the adventurer in me is fighting this...

    Not that I have to decide today, I won't be stitching the second version for a couple months yet.