Monday, January 10, 2011

To Err is Human...

...and I'm only human.

I was notified by Brenda at Country Accents that there is an error in the instructions for Hearts Entwined. OOOPS.

To view and print the corrections, please click here.

A big thanks to Brenda - who, by the way, has just started Hearts Entwined along with two of the regulars from her shop. Can't wait for the next opportunity to visit. :D

In other news.... lol. I'm back to work on Daffodil as of yesterday. I got a bit of beading done on Sabrina, but deadlines are creeping up. Work, work, work.

So what did I buy with my GCs/Christmas money? Well I got beads for Sabrina (obviously), and I picked up the chart, beads, fabric and metallics for Petal Fairy. I also ordered Bliss Fairy and will pick up the materials for it when it arrives. AND I got beads and metallics for Bluebell, she's the first of the Pixie Couture Collection I'll be stitching. AND (promise not to laugh and roll your eyes!) I ordered fabric for all of the pixies that I plan on stitching. So far I think there are 24 in total, but there are a few I just don't like. So I ordered 11 fat quarters of Belfast in various colours. That will do the 18 I plan on stitching with a bit to spare where I just couldn't decide between two colours. :) Went with solids, as I'm finding that the beading on Sabrina is a little tight on the hand dyed. Plus, I wanted super ultra light colours, nothing too drastic. So, yes, I went on a Mirabilia rampage. lol I almost had heart failure when I started figuring out what I'll need for beads and metallics for all of those!! I think I'll be getting the materials for each one as I start it rather than all at once like the fabric. The list was very long and very scary. I went cross-eyed more than once while listing them all out.

I've also been doing some "business planning" over the last couple weeks, scheduling release dates for designs I have either ready to stitch or in the works. I've got the next 3 years booked up already more or less, but I think after Daisy (the design which will follow Daffodil), I'll go on to something different before doing the next flower. Either the final Celtic, the lace sampler I'm playing with, or a Christmas geometric I've been tossing around in my head. Just for a change, you know?

And finally, a little rant, which is not at all stitching related, but is bugging me.

I'll start the story off by saying that I am allergic to onions. Not deathly allergic, but the reactions seem to be getting more severe as time goes on. Hives, itching, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and lately difficulty breathing/coughing until the inhaler and antihistamines kick in. Anyway....

Saturday was dad's 65th birthday. We were going to take him out to dinner, but he decided he wanted to just have us over there and he'd cook. Now he's well aware of my allergies, but for some reason he insists on using onions in everything, even when I am there. It's gotten to where we only go for dinner once every few months anymore because I'm sick for days after. Saturday he cooked duck. Two of them to be exact. He stuffed them with oranges and onions. Not one, but both of them. He also put slices of onion on the skin. I didn't know this until after I'd eaten the first bite and tasted it. I decided quickly that rather than cause a scene that I'd just eat it and then go home quickly before I started getting sick. The stomach cramps started before I'd even finished dinner, by the time we got home a couple hours later I was breaking out in hives all over my body. I noticed today I even have lumps on my tongue!!! My whole body itches, I feel like I have chicken pox, I still can't eat properly and I feel as though I have hay fever. All so I wouldn't hurt his feelings on his birthday. This is the second time in as many weeks - Christmas dinner wasn't much better. However, from now on, I won't be eating at my parents anymore. If we HAVE to go for dinner, I'll order something in for myself. If it hurts his feelings, too bad. I'm not going to risk being hospitalized for the sake of his feelings anymore. And I'm not going to make excuses anymore either - I usually say I have to work or something when we're invited unless it's a special occasion we can't get out of. It's not that I don't want to visit, I just don't want to eat there. From now on when asked, I'll say I'm sorry but I won't come for dinner anymore. Period. It's not fair to me, selfish or not.

Phew. Rant over. Time to make dinner. Without onions.


  1. Ohhh, wow! You went on a Stash Rampage!! I am so jealous!! Can't wait to see all the goodies!!

    And speaking as a parent of a deathly allergic child (allergic to nuts), don't put up with that! Don't worry about their feelings, they obviously don't respect yours! A1lergies can get worse with exposure over time, as I'm sure you have found out. Nothing is scarier than an allergic reaction! Now I am done my rant! LOL!

    Can't wait to see your new designs!!


  2. Wow, you really do have a bad allergic reaction! I think that it is they who are being selfish, considering how ill you become. You have a right to protect your health.

    Looking forward to seeing your work.


  3. Please take care of yourself first - even if they don't understand, they'd certainly gain too much knowledge if you went into anaphalactic shock at their dinner table!