Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is it April yet?

I like snow. I like it when I can sit inside and watch it fall, maybe take a walk or build a snowman. What I don't like about it is driving in it, and Norfolk County is terrible at keeping roads clear. My road is always last to get plowed, and usually they come just as I finish shovelling the driveway. :/ It's been snowing pretty much steady since Thursday, with no end in sight. I'm about ready for spring now. We haven't had terrible amounts of accumulation, but apparently we're supposed to get lots more before it stops.

I would have some pictures to share with you today, but because of the "glorious" snow, I decided a trip into Brantford wasn't the best idea yesterday. It wasn't terribly bad, but I was already tired by the time I got off work, I'd been up since 4:30, so I thought it best to wait. So now the plan is Tuesday. I have to go visit mom at work, so she can show off the new piece and because one of her co-workers wants to see Sabrina (though she's not finished yet). Then I have to deliver some charts to Brenda and pick up some things and visit for a while. Then I have to stop at mom's house to borrow her camera so I can take pictures for the cover of Daffodil, and some pictures of my other WIPs to post.

Yes, I did finish Daffodil. I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday... can't remember now. lol I'm very happy with how it turned out.

What's next? Well I'm back to working on Sabrina, filling in all the white on the bottom half. I wanted something I didn't have to think too much about, and there are a lot of large areas I can just stitch without much counting. I've been itching to work on Rhapsody in Red though, so maybe I'll pull that out after I get back home Tuesday. :) After a short break from models, I'll be starting on Daisy, the third piece in the flower series. I've been informed by my model stitcher that she is progressing well on Tulip, so hopefully I'll have two to release at the Spring Online Needlework show. Then I'll probably take a break from the flower designs for a few months, I'm getting kinda flowered out. I've got a couple more almost ready to stitch, but I think I want another specialty stitch piece first.

I'm thinking it's time to do the last Celtic piece. I took a break from them since I was getting a bit tired of knotwork, but it seems I've got the bug back, I'm actually dreaming about it. So that will probably be next. I've got the fabric, which is a deep blue, but I haven't decided on threads yet. I know I want really light pastels in very wintry tones - light pink, light blue, light purple, light green... I went through my thread sets and pulled a couple of possibilities, will have to do some test stitching to decide for sure. There are some lovely pale colours in the Gloriana set that would work wonderfully for what I have in mind. Dinky Dyes has some great pale wintry colours too, though they're not quite as pale as what I have in my head. That said, it will greatly depend on how they stitch up. When looking at a whole skein, colours always appear darker than they stitch up, so the Dinky Dyes might be just what I'm looking for. I kind of hope they are - Jo is such a lovely lady to work with and I feel awful that I haven't used her threads yet. I love the colours, I just haven't had the perfect piece to use them on yet, so I'm hoping that this will be the one! The plan is to release it at the Fall Online show, so I've got lots of time to decide. :) Knowing me, I'll end up doing something completely different instead. Lots of ideas in my head swirling around like the snow outside, so who knows which one will pop out first.

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  1. I can't wait to see Daffodil! I was in Brantford on Friday, but couldn't make it to Country Accents as I was stuck in a gym all day! DD was in a basketball tourney, which they won!! I can't wait to see wht you decide for the Celtic piece and your Sabrina!