Sunday, August 22, 2010

Progress on Forget Me Not

Not as much as I'd hoped, but I haven't had as much stitching time as I would have liked either.

2 weeks in and I'm not quite halfway. It's coming along well though, I'm very happy with how it's turning out! At this rate, I should still have plenty of time to get it all ready for the October online needlework show. :)

Anyway, enough preamble, here it is:

The colours aren't exact to the photo, they're a bit brighter in real life.

In other news... I'm now debating my colour choice for Daisy. My first instinct was to use a baby pink (because white won't show up on the fabric!!) and that's how I did the mock up. Then when I was picking colours, I came across Belle Soie's Rouge - beautiful, deep fuschia - and thought, why not? So I ordered that one. Now I'm thinking I really should have gone with the light pink. So when I reach the halfway mark on Forget Me Not this week, I'm going to test stitch some more for Daisy. Because a lighter pink may not work with my chosen green. Hmmm. And that means finding another use for Rouge, because it's just too pretty not to!

AND, I've finally started a Facebook page. I've had a personal one for ages and ages, but I figured it was time to start a Northern Expressions page. Mostly for "in between" blog post updates. lol

And now off to model stitch some more before bed. The nice thing is that I have two short days this week (6-1) and TWO whole days off so I can stitch lots! :)

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  1. Forget-Me-Not is coming along so well! It's beautiful!