Thursday, February 18, 2010

In honour of the Olympics...

First, I just have to get this out of the way.... what a heart stopping hockey game that was. I literally have no voice left - I'm one of those people who seem to think the players can hear me screaming at them through the television. But thankfully, Canada got it done in the end. We really have to pick it up again if we want the gold - performances like tonight just aren't going to do it. And what the heck was up with Iginla? I hope he's not injured, I know he got an elbow to the head but he seemed to be okay, but he sat out most of the 3rd period. The next game is going to be a tough one, so I hope he's fine.

GO CANADA!!!!!!! Having just watched the medal ceremonies for speed skating, I'm all choked up. :') Very proud to be Canadian.

Anyway... In honour of the Olympics, I've decided to have a contest. I've been thinking about what kind of contest for a while now, and I thought this would be a great opportunity. :)

I've been dying to see some pictures from stitchers - finishes or even works in progress, so the contest is just that! Send me pictures! Contest details here:

A couple more stitchy parcels have arrived! Unfortunately none that I need for model stitching, but some nice ones just the same. :) And order from HDF of Delphinium and Ocean Pools. Now, these aren't standard thread colours, they are new additions to the ribbon line, but I ordered them in silk thread because they're just so pretty - and IRL they are more than pretty, they're breathtaking! Now I know these aren't "official" colours, but the beauty of HDF is that if you want it, and you can convince others to want it, you can always request Vikki dye more of it in her Custom Spool forum. :) Just beware - that custom spool forum is very addictive!

I also got a wonderful order from Traditional Stitches - Janice has started carrying Weddigen linen in 36 count (well I counted it out to 35 count) in a gorgeous creamy colour. It's got a lovely soft hand to it, and it's very affordable. I'm dying to give it a test drive, but it will have to wait a little while, I have waaaay too much on the go. But I am almost finished the Austrian Spot Sampler - just a small bit at the bottom to go now. Been working on this one as my take to work piece and here and there at home, but I think I'll try and finish it before I rotate it out again, it's so close!

And now I'm rambling... been up since 4:30 and my brain just isn't working anymore. I really need to go to bed, but how I'm going to sleep tonight is a mystery - I'm so wired after that game! I suppose I'd better try though, I have to work at 6am again!


  1. i wondered about the 36 ct weddigen i thought it might be 35 ct..
    it is still my number one 1x1 linen i think it is wonderful stuff ans very easy to stitch on
    i cannot wait to see your austrian sampler done
    i know it will look stunning
    and it is good to hear form someone i trust that delphinium and ocean pools are beautiful i can not wait to see mine !
    i hope you see these comments i comment on all your posts but my comments seem to go awol :(

  2. This one showed up, but I don't see any others since November I think...

    You will LOVE both the blues - they're fantastic! I'm thinking I might use the Delphinium for Taking Flight if I have a pink bright enough to go with it. Hibiscus is a bit too light... I'm sure I have SOMETHING that would work though.

    BTW - I finally started one of the Flourishes - Di's Divas - Enya I think... can't remember which one now! I've been taking it back and forth to work the last couple of weeks. :) Using a couple Waterliles blues for it.

  3. well hmph.. some of my replies were really concise and intelligent...
    i have my blues..
    delphinium is magnificent..
    and ocean pools... i am looking right now for a chart to start sttiching it
    lol on the Di's Divas i sopent so long deciding which one i can never rememebr which one i am sttiching either.. i am doing Dido ( i think) ..
    i LOVE her 2 new ones and Bellagio is on the to start soon when Alpha Blu is over half way