Friday, February 26, 2010

Bloody teenagers!!!

This morning, on my day off, I get a knock on my bedroom door at 7:00 AM, and the boy says "all services are cancelled, buses aren't running."

So I drag my butt out of bed to go on the computer and check the school board's website to confirm this - especially given that there was only a light dusting - maybe an inch or two of snow on the roads, which had already turned pretty slushy. I load the page and voila, all services running as normal. So I yelled upstairs to tell him that. He said that it wasn't on the website, but the radio. So I loaded up two local radio stations and listened live to both of them - both had the school reports, both said everything running as normal. He said that one of his friends on facebook told him. So I went on facebook, only to find that neither Jon or I can see his profile anymore. This must have been very recent, I remember seeing him on there two days ago, because it was 5AM, I was up early for work and saw him logged in - and when he got up I got angry with him for leaving his computer on overnight because our hydro bill is so high. All of a sudden I'm on his block list? Sorry, but if there is something on his facebook he doesn't want us to see, then he's certainly not going to be using facebook anymore. So I went upstairs to tell him that. The deal with him having a computer in his room has always been that it remains an open book to us, the minute it isn't, he loses that privilege.

I opened the door to go upstairs, and got a facefull of smoke. A couple months ago, we not only caught him smoking, but stealing cigarettes from Jon. Absolutely unacceptable. We of course told him so, punished him, and told him that further instances of this would result in a loss of internet for good. I refuse to pay for internet service for him if he's going to steal from us. So today was a mighty big slap in the face. He denied he had been smoking. Now, I may be desensitized to smoke, but I CAN smell it if Jon has a cigarette lit or has just put one out, and the smell was extremely strong. He doesn't have a job, so where was he getting money for cigarettes?

He also denied blocking us on facebook. So after he left for school, we went up to his room to have a look. First, we found about 20 empty pop cans, all packed full of cigarette butts - most of which were Jon's brand. Plus 3 empty cigarette packs, 2 of which were Jon's and I know he stole them as Jon's cigarettes aren't a normal brand and you can't buy them here in town. We fired up his computer and went on facebook - and yes, we are both in his block list.

On top of this, he STILL hasn't brought his report card home from school. 2 weeks now. I'm calling the school today to find out his grades. I know he didn't fail anything because I would have had a call from the school if that was the case. However, I'm guessing he inflated his grades, because my mother, against my wishes, offered him monetary rewards for getting good marks, which she already paid him.

I'm past the point of angry. I'm hurt, insulted, and I think livid would be the term for it.

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  1. Well I don't have any children so I haven't had these particular joys or aggravations in my life. I have plenty of friends who have been through the same kinds of issues - it sure is frustrating I know. Usually they eventually grow out of those stages but it sure ages you in the meantime!