Saturday, March 28, 2009

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...


I got my fabrics (woohoo!) and did some floss tosses which ruled out a few colours. Then did some test stitching, and a couple colours emerged as favourites. So I've placed my final thread order, but while I wait, I can get some stitching done, at least until I run out of the colours I do have! Leave it to me, I tested 4 purples and 4 blues, and the ones I picked were the ones I don't have spools of on hand.

I've started toying with a few other designs as well in the meantime. AND I think I might just have to start Tuscan Rose, because I now have the fabric, floss and chart and I'm in love with it. Thanks Di, I really needed ANOTHER start.

Now I'm just holding off ordering a couple of Needle's Prayse Charts. I know I won't have time to even think about them by the time they get here, so maybe I'll hold off ordering them and get them to celebrate the finish of this one! :)

I gathered up all my DMC, Anchor and Coats threads and am trying to find a home for them. Hopefully nearby. I don't really want to put it on ebay, I'd rather sell/give it to someone I know. Locally if possible, as it would cost $100 to ship all of this. Seriously, there's that much.

And now I shall go stitch. :)

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