Sunday, March 1, 2009

All Excited Again

Well, I worked all day yesterday and all morning this morning, and I'm finally satisfied with the layout for Celtic Wings, my fourth piece and the second in the celtic series. I've even almost decided on colours! I'll have to do some testing when I get my fabric, which I haven't even ordered yet, but I've definitely narrowed it down a great deal.

I'm ten steps ahead of myself, mind you, I won't be ready to start model stitching for at least 2-4 weeks, but it's nice to have the next one ready to go!

I'm kind of torn now... do I relax and work on personal stitching or do I keep up with the roll I'm on and get some work done on the third celtic design - which I started ages ago and put aside because I wasn't happy with it. That one I already know the colours I'm using - floss and fabric - but the design is stuck in my head and hasn't quite cleared into stitches yet. Maybe I should wait and not overload myself? I should probably just relax and celebrate the accomplishment of today and give my brain a rest.

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