Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2 New Releases!

I've been under a mass of threads and fabrics this past month or so... lots of stitching and lots of picking out colours for new stuff to come!

And with all that stitching comes two new releases.... first is Positive and Negative. It's sort of based on the idea of Assisi stitching, but I really hate backstitching so I skipped that part. ;) The top and bottom of the design are opposite mirror images alternating stitching the positive space and the negative space.

The model is stitched on 36 ct Antiqued Linen from Garibaldi's Needle Works and is a perfect compliment to the rusty reds from The Silk Mill. The chart also includes conversions to AVAS, NPI and DMC.

Second is the eighth design in the Shades of series: Shades of Olive.

The model is stitched on a 40ct Regency from Picture This Plus, which is a lovely light tan with a greenish undertone and sets off the rich olive silks from Classic Colorworks. The chart includes a conversion to Dinky Dyes and to DMC.

I've also been busily stitching away on Not Quite Whitework, working on Part 6 at the moment which I've just sent out to SAL members. The columns are stitching up wonderfully, even better than I'd hoped when I was dreaming this one up. :)

Excuse the awful picture... I was just snapping a quick pic and realized after that I had the light coming through behind it and I'm too lazy to go take another one right now. lol I'm using Dinky Dyes silks on this one, on 36ct Raw linen.

Also working on lots of charting and picking out colours for new stuff as usual. :)

And now back to printing and packing...

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