Sunday, July 28, 2013

And some MORE news to post...

I mentioned before that I will be adding a new line of designs, these will be called Northern Expressions Needlework INK - a line of tattoo designs drawn and inked by my son. The first three will be available on August 1st, and here they are:


Red Riding Hood's Revenge

Dead Dave
If you're curious about how these will stitch up, here is a work in progress picture of Hootie (lots more done since the pic, just too lazy to take a new one at the moment!).

The colours in the picture do not do it justice - they are so much more vibrant IRL, but I can't seem to capture them in a picture.

And here he is as a tattoo! Excuse the blood this picture was when he was VERY freshly inked!!

I have several more ready to chart, so there will be new designs added as I get them done. If things go well, two of my son's colleagues at Shogun Tats are interested in having their artwork charted as well so those may follow. For now, these will be available only as PDF files directly from me. If there's lots of interest, I'll offer them through shops as well.

This is a totally different type of project for me, and I'm hopeful that people love the artwork as much as I do - of course I'm biased. ;)


  1. These are great! Hootie is bigger than I thought he would be. Love the bright blues you're using.

  2. Thanks Jo. He's bigger than I thought he'd be too. I initially started charting him at 150 wide, but it looked very pixelated and blocky, so I kept going up a little at a time until I was able to smooth out the lines and shading.