Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time to finish some stuff

As I said previously, I've been trying to re-organize my life somewhat.

I have been TRYING to organize my stash. The biggest problem is that there is not enough room for everything I have so it's all crammed in as neatly as I can get it. I'd buy another set of drawers (currently have two tall narrower ones and two short wide ones) but I literally have nowhere to put one.

Anyway, in this process I have realized I have far too many WIPs. One drawer and a very large rubbermaid tub full of them. I thought the number was around 30, it's actually closer to 40. A couple just need beads, a few are models of my own designs that need some re-charting done (which I can't seem to finish at the moment) and a couple I may scrap and restart (don't like the fabric or floss of I've used or something else about them). So I've decided no new starts for a while. I NEED to clean up and finish some stuff first!!!

I had one finish this week - though it WAS a new start so it doesn't count. ;)

This is Ink Circles Cirque des Coeurs. I stitched it on 40ct Silkweaver Adobe Linen (LOVE this colour). The off white and pinkish flosses are Valdani Silks, Subtle Elegance and Nostalgic Rose, and the burgundy floss is Hand Dyed Fibers Examplar Black Iris Bloom. Was going for romantic and elegant looking since it's hearts. :)

And I'm such a dolt. After I finished this one late last night, I mounted Ink Circles Turkish Delight back up to work on finishing it. Well when I initially started it (oh, about 2 years ago) I stitched it sideways (as in shorter side at the top). When I mounted it last night, I mounted and started stitching it as charted. DOH. So now I have three choices - frog what I stitched last night (about 500 stitches), keep going and finish it and hope nobody notices (it's on 55ct so it's pretty hard to tell, and it's not like I'm entering it in contests or anything but it'll drive me loopy when I look at it), or restart it again since I'm only about 1/3 done it won't take that long to redo. I'm kind of leaning towards the third option because much as I love the colours I chose, there's really not enough contrast between the two so I might lighten the second colour if I do it again. Note to self: 3 am while watching the Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode is NOT the best time to stitch!!!


  1. Do you mean you've rotated the fabric by 90 degrees so your stitches go in opposite directions? If that's the case then I would frog it even though that will be a nightmare on 55 count! I think the light will catch on the thread and make it seem obvious to you even if not to anyone else!

    The finished Hearts piece is amazing, I love the colour scheme you've chosen, so soft and romantic as you said.

  2. Yeah, that's exactly what I did. I ended up tossing it and will restart it at some point. I'm thinking I need to lighten the second colour up a bit anyway as they're just too close to really see the changes.