Monday, May 14, 2012

A Warning About Eterna Silks

There is nothing wrong with the thread, I'll start off with that. It's a decent quality, low priced filament silk and it is lovely to use. HOWEVER...

I don't know if they've gone out of business or what, since there is no statement to that effect on their website, but they no longer respond to emails or contact requests via their website at all. And of course there is no longer a phone number listed on their site either.

The last few orders I placed were a bit slow, but they did arrive eventually, so I let this most recent one go too - my own stupidity because now I'm out $70 and can't get it back through paypal. This last order was placed on February 15. I got an order confirmation, the money was withdrawn from my account (so she obviously accepted the payment) and nothing since then. I've emailed at least a dozen times, probably more, and have had no response at all. I've just emailed again, but it's doubtful I'll hear anything back.

If the threads were for me, I wouldn't be as upset, but they're for my aunt. So now I'll have to go out of my pocket to refund her money.

Funny thing is that I warned her and urged her to use Silk Mill threads instead (again filament silk, though better quality) because they are much better to deal with even though they're pricier. 


On a happier note, my stitching mojo has returned. Now it's not a factor of wanting to stitch, it's finding the time to actually do it!!


  1. I am sorry to hear about your experience, but appreciate the "heads-up." Your money out is exactly why I will not use paypal.

  2. That's awful, Nicole. I'm so sorry to hear it. I hope they show up eventually, or you get a refund. I wouldn't hold my breath though!! Maybe you and your aunt could split the difference? You refund her thirty five, and you're both out thirty five? I think that's fairer than you being out seventy.