Friday, January 27, 2012

Just my luck...

It's been an unlucky week.

Example 1: About a month ago, I ordered a Needle Needs Millenium Frame. They processed the order on December 29. I hadn't gotten a ship notice yet, so I emailed them yesterday. They said they shipped it via Fed Ex on January 4 and gave me the tracking number. I had been checking my account on their site and it contained NONE of this information or else I'd have checked the tracking!! So last night I check the tracking. Fed Ex tried to deliver it on Jan 10 and 11 while I was at work - but I didn't find a delivery slip? They left THAT at the back door. WHY????? The front door is right there!!! Anyway, they're going to re-attempt delivery on Monday - using the FRONT door - and they're going to call when they're in the area to confirm I'm home.

Example 2: I started my model for the Antique Lace Band Sampler. When I ordered materials, the floss and fabric were perfect - the floss was the same colour as the fabric, but a couple shades lighter and in my test stitching it showed up perfectly. The kicker? My fabric came in and it was lighter than the piece I used for test stitching. The floss got here and was darker than what I test stitched with. So when stitching I could see it okay but there wasn't enough pop for it to show in photos. So I've ordered a different colour of fabric. Went really dark with Weeks Almond Bar. That will definitely show up.

Example 3: We only have one car. We've never needed a second because one or the other of us has always been able to carpool to work - until now. The lady who gives Jon a ride to work gave her notice. So we've had to both completely re-work our schedules so that we can both get to and from work. Time for a second car maybe? I don't know. It would be nice, but with gas and insurance SO high, and only really needing it for the odd day, it's not really necessary. Maybe we'll think about it more in spring.

Example 4: As everyone knows, I'm a high count fanatic. I really dislike using lower count fabrics, anything under 34ct isn't likely to get used. So I'll go out of my way to find materials I can use on 40ct and up because that's what I enjoy. So I did some converting for some Mirabilia designs and managed to find beads and metallics that would work for 40ct. Well find is kind of a bad word. They exist, but barely anyone carries them!! I found one site that had everything I need, but the quantities are ridiculous. The smallest amount is 35g per colour. I need like 5 or 10. Overkill? Yep. So I kept looking. Found another site that did 10g packs, had everything I needed. So I added everything to my cart, about $50 worth of beads, and went to check out. $74 for shipping. Give me a break. Not a chance in hell. Found a third site that had everything I needed. Added everything to my cart and went to check out (again) and had to set up an account. Location... Canada isn't in the list. They only ship to UK or EU. ARGH!! I sent a pleading email to her with what I needed to see if she would send to me, she said she'd figure out the amount for shipping and let me know. She doesn't send overseas anymore because Canada Post was too prone to "losing" packages. Tell me about it! If it's an issue, I'll get her to send them to my MIL who can pass them on to me in her next care package.

Example 5: We got rid of our satellite ages ago - we rarely have time to watch it and it was costing $80+ a month. Why so high? Well we wanted the movie channels since that was what we watched most often. But it was a bit much for the odd movie. So over the weekend we decided it was time for Netflix. We were going to buy one of the wireless boxes to receive it on the TV, but Jon figured we might as well spend the little extra and get the blu-ray player with it built in. So on Wednesday, he went to the Source and bought a player that the salesman told him was Netflix ready. We hooked it up, it played blu-ray beautifully, dvd beautifully, then we went to sign into Netflix. No Netflix. We looked up the specs online - NO it DOESN'T support Netflix. So yesterday, he took it back and got a different and might I add, more expensive model (this one had Netflix right on the box) and set it all up again last night. Netflix - check. DVD - check. Blu-ray? Well it was supposed to, but it said that it wasn't supported. So we call tech support. Yes, the player is blu-ray. Try a disc - nope. Try another disc - nope. It would appear that the blu-ray reader in it is faulty. We know the discs work, since we tried them on a different player the night before. So back to the Source again today. Will have to figure something else out though, since they only had ONE of these ones in stock so they'll either have to order another one or we'll have to try yet another player. Might just get another PS3 and be done with it. lol

Example 6: Wednesdays are my guild meeting nights. Tuesday, with just two of us there, we managed to get cleaned up and out before 5:30. Wednesday, the night I needed to get out on time, we got out at... 6:50, even though it wasn't busy and there were four of us and I even had the mountain of dishes done by 5. So I missed my meeting. Again. :( However, I finally put my foot down and said I can't keep up the five day schedule as well as designing. I'm sleeping less than 4 hours most nights trying to scramble and get things done, and as a result I keep getting sick because my body can't take it anymore. 3 days would be great. We compromised on 4 for the time being, and 3 when they hire a couple of new people. So now I have Wednesdays off. Won't miss a meeting again. :) Love my job, it's a great work environment and everyone is a lot of fun to work with, but the hours are killer.

And just to kick me in the teeth while I'm down... Wichelt released a whole load of new colours of fabric. White Chocolate, Black Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Raspberry. Went to the site to place an order for them after seeing them on one of my groups, and they don't come in 36 or 40ct. We never get any of the good colours. :(

This week sucks. Can I have a do-over?


  1. Goodness! That was quite a week! I hope when you wake up tomorrow, everything falls into place perfectly!


  2. A rough week ... I think we all have weeks like this from time to time. The question is, can you name 6 or more examples of good things about the week?

    I think that one is that the people you work for were willing to cut your hours and Jon and you managed to arrange a compromise solution regarding the car. Both of those could have gone much worse.

  3. alli can offer is a hug, some weeks are just overwhelming ((hugs))