Friday, November 4, 2011

Okay, time for an update...

I've been so lax in keeping up with what's going on! I really do try to post every week, but sometimes life gets in the way.

It's been busy at work, hunting season is here so we're doing extra cutting and packing. Well not me personally, but with personnel redirected to that task, it's been busier for the rest of us. And it seems like everyone in SW Ontario is in a bacon frenzy so I've been slicing my little heart out. Okay that didn't come out the way I meant it, but you get what I mean. I swear some nights I dream about bacon. The kitties love me when I get home from work since I reek of it! Strange thing though? I still love bacon. lol

I'm still working on Growth Rings. I had hoped to have it finished by now, but I'm getting close! If I can manage a couple of non-stop stitching days this week I will be happy dancing soon enough. I'm debating whether I should just pick out a frame, or get my brother to pick it out since it's his... he already knows what he's getting so that might be the better idea. I don't know.

My trunk show/presentation at the needlework guild went fabulously well! I'm excited to say that I've joined and I'm so happy to have found a group of ladies as passionate about needlework as I am! It'll be a tight fit, getting from work to guild meetings on time, but I'll make sure I can swing it!

I'm also very excited about some silks that are on their way to me from Valdani. I will post lots of pics and do a write up when they arrive. I'm hoping one of the colours will be the perfect fit for a planned project so I can finally get started on it!! They've already got one major thing going for them, especially for someone like me, the queen of BAPs - the balls are huge. (TEE HEE, dirty minded giggle) 23M of six stranded silk - so almost 150M per ball. And they retail for $6!!! That's really inexpensive for silk, and for most projects, even the huge ones, you'd only need a few. Obviously, they're not a great fit for small projects where you only need a little of each colour, but for huge monochromes and stuff they'd be perfect. I can't wait to see the colours! I'm really hoping that I finish Growth Rings BEFORE they arrive, cause if they arrive first, I'm in BIG trouble.

Oh and just to tempt me even more? Silk Mill is having another sale. 20% off all of their sets, AND free shipping for the month of November. I must resist. I must resist. I must resist. Well maybe just one. Or two.

Hmmm... I know there was something else I meant to post about but it'll have to wait. Running off to work now!

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