Saturday, August 20, 2011

And here's why I love him oh so much :)

Today's post is way off topic (again) but I thought you might get a giggle.

As I mentioned previously, since my son moved out I have been tearing apart the house and doing all the cleaning and organizing one doesn't often have time to do. Things like pulling out the oven and cleaning under and behind it, taking down all the curtains and blinds to wash them, re-alphabetizing the dvds, software and music... and getting rid of masses and masses of paperwork. My shredder is getting a workout!

Jon, my darling boyfriend, is a pack rat and has taught my son this habit as well. He will not throw away any piece of paper - just in case. Because of this, we have boxes upon boxes of paperwork - bills dating back to 2005 (including the envelopes they came in), instruction manuals for dvd players that have been upgraded and replaced (three times in fact) and receipts for groceries from a store that closed in 2008. If I try and throw any of it away, I get yelled at because "we might need it".

So Thurstday, I set about starting the process of whittling down what paperwork we have here. Of course important things were kept and filed, but I got rid of bills from years past and kept only what is current and/or needed for tax purposes. When Jon came home from work Thursday night to find me sitting on the floor surrounded by stacks of paper, he looked anxious. So I asked him, "what is the purpose of keeping not only your pay stubs from four years ago, but the envelopes they came in?" His reply made me laugh so hard I had to run for the bathroom. He didn't falter or hesitate, but simply replied, "what if, one night, a Japanese man in a black suit and tie and sunglasses (looking like a member of Yakuza) comes to the door and challenges me to to an origami folding contest, the loser of which will be killed with his razor sharp Katana. BUT we must supply our own paper. You'll regret throwing away all that stuff you thought was useless then, won't you?" When I finally stopped laughing, I pointed out that there is a stack of paper next to the printer at all times, so that excuse didn't quite cut it. I then asked "is there really a reason for keeping grocery receipts from 2006?" Again, without hesitation he replied, "what if, one night, an eccentric millionaire comes to the door (seeing a pattern here?), and says that he will give us one million dollars if we can tell him how much a 475g box of Special K sold for at Sobey's in 2006? You'd feel pretty stupid knowing you threw away the answer, wouldn't you?" This continued for the rest of the night, every time he tried to stop me from throwing something away.

Now granted, he was under the influence of an "herbal supplement" at the time, however this is what he's like all the time. It's impossible to get annoyed or angry with him about things like this because he's just so funny and charming.

On another note, he's charmed my mother into complete adoration. Almost every conversation I have with my mother anymore contains the phrase "you be good to him, he's the best thing that's ever happened to you." or "don't you dare doing anything to screw this up, he's such a wonderful guy." The other night, he overheard this part of the conversation with my mother, and has now taken to calling me his "personal assistant". When he wants anything and I refuse, he will simply say, "I'm telling your mother you said that." For example, last night, I was sitting on the sofa stitching, while he was in the kitchen on the computer, and he asked me to get him a drink. I told him to get himself a drink given he was ten feet closer to the fridge than I was. He replied. "your mom said you have to be nice to me." He's threatening to go and buy a day planner to record all the times I say anything he finds mean or refuse any request he makes, and he'll show it to my mother each time we go for dinner.

We laugh - a lot. Even at times when life's stresses are at their worst he can always make me smile or laugh. He does little things like narrate what the cats might be thinking, mute the television and re-invent the lines the characters are speaking (especially funny on "March of the Penguins" which reduced my mother to tears), leaves little messages or videos for me on the computer screen to watch when I get home, and just all around makes life a little less serious and a little more fun.

It doesn't hurt that he's hot, and he has that English accent that makes me melt. He literally could have almost anyone he wanted, as I'm often told by friends, and he chose me. Not only that, but he moved halfway around the world to be with me. How's that for a boost of self esteem? I'm overweight, five years older than he is, and he loves me anyway. And for the first time in my life I truly believe I'm loved and wanted and have zero doubt that he's sincere. :) And in that respect, I feel like I'm the luckiest woman in the world.

This is one of the few pictures I found of him where he's not pulling a goofy face or a fake smile. Those of you who I have on Facebook will recognize it. lol

Okay, and now, a little bit of stitching talk before I go back to "the great DVD reorganization of 2011". I'm still completely engrossed in "Magnificent Wings" from Heaven and Earth Designs. I'm about half done page 4 and page 5 is only a partial page, so I'll probably have the top row of pages done this week. Not bad, huh? Tomorrow will be two weeks of stitching. I would love to show off pictures, but the camera is still in New York and won't be back until next weekend, and I really don't want to pull it off the qsnaps to scan it, but I promise I will post pics as soon as I have the camera back!!

Have a great weekend everyone. :)

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