Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well I've done it...

I've started Daisy! I'm having fun with this one. I was a little iffy at first about the heavy contrast between the soft pink, deep green and bright yellow, but all together I think it works. :) I'm using Belle Soie for this one, in Carnation, Mango and Creme de Menthe on 40 ct Lakeside Magnolia. You'd think I'd be tired of this fabric colour by now, but I still love it. Which reminds me, I need to order another yard of it soon.

After Rhapsody in Red got it's turn on the q-snaps, I was itching for some specialty stitches and worked on The Strawberry Sampler for a few days. It's such a fun piece to do. Lots of different stitches to experiment with and bright bold colours. I didn't get a whole lot done, but I finished a few more bands. :) Using NPI and Gloriana for this one and my oh my those reds are so vivid! This one is on Magnolia again, however this time it's Vintage and it's 36 ct instead of 40. Yes, I have a lot of Magnolia. :D

I've been using my time off wisely, getting lots of charting done as well. I've completed another design in the flower series, Marigold, and almost completed Iris as well (one more band to go). I got a start on charting Violet and Bluebell which will round out the series, and I got the outer border finished on Celtic Snow. Busy, busy, busy. Today I think I'll put in some time on Antique Lace, given I've been dreaming about lace patterns lately. Still on the hunt for the perfect fabric for it. I got a piece of 40ct PTP Huntress, and while it's really pretty it's much more mottled and more pink than I was looking for. I was looking at Stitches and Spice Hunter Shiraz, might pick up a piece of that too. What I really want just doesn't exist, at least not in the count I want. I want Ruby Wine, which is a standard Zwiegart colour, but it doesn't come in 40 ct. I might just have to concede defeat and go with 36 ct. I just worry that the coverage won't be heavy enough with the stark contrast of cream on red. Though I could always go with a Soie D'Alger based thread for it, it's a bit thicker than the rest. Hmmm... that's got my brain spinning now. Plus, with the specialty stitches this one will have, 36ct might be a better fit. Note to self... order some 36 ct Ruby Wine along with the Magnolia. Will have to do some test stitching for this one for sure.

With time off work in mind... I gave my notice at work, though I'll be spending my last two weeks at home. My back still isn't ready for any sort of major movement. I tried going medication free (well heavy meds anyway) over the weekend, and moving around a bit more and it seemed a bit better so I attempted work on Monday - though I didn't make it out the door. When I bent down to tie my shoes, I couldn't get back up. Yes, I'm rolling my eyes. It is getting better, but I think I'm just too stubborn to admit defeat. I didn't tell my boss the underlying reason for my leaving, I told her that my old body just couldn't handle the lifting and bending and stretching needed to do the job, which IS true given I have heel spurs, bad back, bad knees and bad shoulders, but it's only a small part of it. She was very understanding, and has asked that I give it some more thought and let her know my decision next week because she doesn't want to lose me. I feel a bit guilty, but I know I can't keep going the way I am. So now the job hunt begins in earnest. I'm staying positive, this is a GOOD thing.

And finally, speaking of old... I really feel it today. My son is officially an adult today. :') Very mixed emotions. Happy birthday Nate!


  1. Your stitching is looking lovely and the new charts are sure to be a hit! I love the Stawberry Sampler especially.

  2. Thank you! I can't take credit for the Strawberry Sampler - well apart from the stitching of course - it's a Sampler Cove design. It IS absolutely gorgeous though.