Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A new journey begins

Kirsten emailed me last week to tell me that My Mother's Garden II had arrived safe and sound in Australia. PHEW! So excited for February now!! I still have a few letters to finish charting over the next couple days to complete the companion alphabet, but I'll work on those while I take stitching breaks. :)

I'm slowly on the mend from the bronchitis that has plagued me these past few weeks. Everytime I start feeling better for a few days, all of a sudden the sore throat and cough return for a visit. But I'm feeling a whole lot better over all.

I told myself that I would work on Sabrina only until I had a few days off work to get a good start on Daffodil, since one day here or there wouldn't make much of a dent. Well that time has come. After I finish my morning coffee(s) and play a few rounds of Zuma Blitz on Facebook (which btw is extremely addictive!!), I'll be pulling all my materials and getting started on Daffodil, which is printing as I type.

I was sort of putting it off as well since I have materials on the way for several other models, and if they got here before I was ready to start, I'd have to make a decision. I suppose it's good they didn't get here yet, it saves me the confusion of having to choose which one!

Sabrina had a good run - I finished the top half of the chart, and have only the metallic, white and light blue left to do on the bottom half - and of course all the beads. It's a lot of stitches yet, but they're big blocks and will go quickly. I might even pick her back up as soon as I finish Daffodil instead of something different. I'm so pleased with how she's turned out so far.

I'll try to post some pictures of her next post, along with progress pictures of Daffodil - my camera is dead, but I suddenly remembered that my son's phone has a camera on it. We'll see how that goes. Saving up for a new camera after Christmas!!


  1. I can't wait to see My Mother's Garden II! This is so exciting! Looking forward to seeing Sabrina! I did the Mermaid of Atlantis two years ago, and loved it! I found it was really quick to stitch. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i was wondering on monday if the model had made it,
    i am glad you let us know it arrived safely
    i so can not wait to see it in TGOS

    i have no idea what sabrina looks like i am very out of touch with xstitch charts
    i really really want to see pics of daffodil so i hope you share a pic soon!

  3. Well the camera phone is a no go - the pics look dreadful!! Worst case scenario, I'll be at mom's at Christmas and take pics there!! lol