Monday, July 26, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

For the last few weeks I've been glued to the computer. With the temperatures climbing well into the 30's and humidity into the 40's it's just too hot to stitch much.

So what HAVE I been doing? Well, I've been finishing up a bunch of designs I'd started on, but hadn't finished. I've got 2 in the flower series ready to stitch (materials ordered), 2 more almost finished (materials ordered), 4 more started, and a new band sampler almost finished as well - spent the last four or five days on that one almost exclusively, and it's really starting to take shape, thanks to some friends for their help on dimensions and ideas. I really wanted to keep this one fairly narrow, a stitching friend of mine has problems with her shoulders and can't stitch anything too wide. She helps me out with so much, that I wanted her to be able to stitch at least ONE of my designs! I've ordered thread samples for this one too, and will definitely be diving into it as soon as they come. I can't decide on colourway for it, I may need to enlist some help with model stitching, so one of us can stitch the bright colourway, and one of us can stitch the more muted sampler colourway. I've also been hard at work researching antique lace patterns and converting them into cross stitch/specialty stitches for another new project I'm designing. So lots of new stuff coming. :)

It's been a bad month otherwise. I'm looking for a new job - somewhere where I'm actually appreciated. Long story short, after 3 months of hearing that they were waiting for authorization to fill the full time job at work, they filled it. And not with any of us from the department, store, or company, but someone from outside the store entirely. This after me spending months putting in overtime, taking extra shifts, giving up days off (including a weekend away for my birthday that we'd already paid for and missing my cousin's wedding). Since it happened I've taken a lot of time off work. I just don't care anymore. I took the weekend after I found out off - I was livid and didn't really want to be fired for saying something I shouldn't, and this weekend because I had a wicked migraine. I normally wouldn't have, but I don't feel like I owe them anything. I feel total contempt for the place now, but I can't be without a job, so I can't give my notice until I find something else. I'm not capable of being there and not giving 110% - that's just the way I am, but I feel stupid doing it. Not to mention having to train the new person - who, I'm sorry, is supposedly more qualified than all of us, so why should I? I just try and avoid it by staying totally away from her. BUT, I also can't be mean or spiteful, it's just not me. So I come home most days, have a good cry, and go back the next day and pretend everything's fine. I'm tired of pretending. Time to find something else.

Oh, I did have a stitching finish now that I think of it. I finished Jardin d'Jour by Needlemania. It's been a little over a year since Marc's passing, and I thought I'd honour him by finishing it. Will post a pic next time!

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