Saturday, May 8, 2010

And finally, some good news

Jon and I both had job interviews yesterday. :) Mine was for the full time position in my department that I applied for, and went very well. I think I have a fair shot at it. It wouldn't be a drastic change from what I do now, I generally work almost full time hours as it is, the biggest deal is bigger benefits, better pension and profit sharing, slightly better pay... The store manager is off now for a few weeks, so I'm sure I won't hear right away. Not getting my hopes up too high though, I know what my luck is like!

Jon's interview also went well. It's for a job in retail sales, and I knew he would do well. They've already called him and asked him to come in on Monday for a trial run, probably just to see how he does with customers. I'm sure he'll be wonderful, he's one of those people that everyone just likes instantly - makes you laugh, isn't happy unless everyone around him is smiling - and I guarantee, people will come in for one little thing and end up spending a fortune and coming back again and again just because he works there. Seriously. I know I'm biased, but I see how people -especially women - react to him, he's a charmer. He's very excited.

While he was on his interview, he met a lady in the store who lives here in town and does framing. How did I not know this? He was asking her about needlework framing and she gave him her card and was telling him that she pins and then laces, uses only acid free materials, conservation glass, etc, so I'm curious. He mentioned my business to her and was telling her that I'm looking for a good framer I can trust to do my models. I know there are lots of great framers, but I want one close by - local is even better! So I'm going to give her a call on Monday and have a chat. :)

I'm down to my last four colours on Kaleidoscope, I would have finished it yesterday but I stayed late at work again. So I'll finish it up when I get home this afternoon. I decided I'm going to spend the next few weeks on a finishing spree before I start my next model. I've got several that are getting close. I might have to start Ink Circles Cirque des Triangles though. Just cause.

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  1. How wondeful that things are starting to look up , i think you both deserve a bit of a break re work , i will keep my fingers crossed that both of you get the news you want to hear!
    i can't wait to see your Kaleidoscope , i know it will be wonderful , and i laughed sreeing you were thinking about starting the cirques triangels, i think a new start would be perfect medicine,
    even though i am dying to see Hearts finished!