Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life getting in the way...

Stitching time has really been scarce this last month. I've been putting in stitches when I can, but life is just getting in the way lately. I thought maybe with a week off for DB's surgery I would get a lot done, but it just isn't happening. House cleaning, running, fetching - ever noticed that when a man has surgery he turns into a 2 year old? Why is it that I have an ovary removed and am doing dishes, cooking and laundry two days later, and a week after surgery he is still struggling to do more than make a pot of coffee? Sheesh!

Also suffering a bit of depression lately - a combination of constant money worries and worrying about Jon and his surgery I think - has set in. I can't seem to focus on much of anything for long. Jon's worker's compensation claim was rejected - long story, but apparently a hernia isn't necessarily related to work. Very true, but when you lift upwards of 5000 lbs of brick and cement a day, it is the likely culprit. And given that he never felt it or noticed it before taking this job, it would make sense. And the doctors agree. We're looking into an appeal at the moment, but it doesn't help matters right now, he stil has 6 weeks before he can return to work - and has already been off for 4 months. It's a strain on the brain.

On top of that, I don't know if it's from the warmer temperatures or the sudden weather changes, but I've been fighting off migraines for a couple of weeks, and my shoulders are toast. I know I have arthritis in them, I have it in a lot of my joints - a little leftover of my gymnastics days - but lately they're not just grinding and aching. It feels like I've pinched the nerve in my neck again. GRRR. So I can't stitch for long periods, 30 minutes and I need a break. Very annoying since I had planned on some stitching marathons to finish the hearts sampler in time for the online show.

I'm on to the last few bands now, slowly but surely it's coming, so I thought I'd post a new progress picture. I've made some changes along the way, and I'm relatively happy with it. I'm also suffering a bit of stitching ADD at the moment, so I'm thinking that since I'm not going to have it finished in time for the show I may take a break for a couple weeks and stitch something else.

I needed that gripe! I don't like to moan around Jon, he feels guilty because he can't work and my complaints don't help him. One of these days it will get better!

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